COVID-19 Panic Will Bring a Painful End to Many Colleges

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the economic damage caused by governments allegedly responding to the coronavirus pandemic will soon impact America’s colleges on a major scale.

Many colleges will not survive.

Governors ordered most, if not all U.S. colleges shuttered, and all higher education delivered online over the past three months. Many colleges and universities are debating whether to reopen their campuses in the Fall of 2020. The largest university system in the country–the California system–has already announced that most of its classes will continue to be delivered online until 2021 at least.

This development has left thousands of college students to question the value of the classes they view on their computer screens. Government policies have caused tuitions to increase faster than inflation for over three decades. Many students now go in debt $200,000 or more to receive their degrees.

America’s government-supported colleges and universities spew a steady stream of pro-government extremist philosophy, “research,” and pseudoscience. Anti-government thought is mostly banned on many campuses.