November 2015 archive

Another College “Disinvites” A Speaker for Presenting Governmentally-Incorrect Views

America’s colleges overwhelmingly promote–often with government funds taken by force from taxpayers–an extremist, pro-government, socialist and elitist doctrine. Now Williams College, a once-prestigious liberal arts college in Massachusetts–has banned a speaker from an event after inviting her to speak. See here. It is the greatest irony that Williams College had begun to recognize that its …

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European Union Votes to Give Edward Snowden Asylum

There was a time–decades ago–when the United States were considered the freest soil on earth. Now the international community increasingly recognizes that the U.S. government is among the world’s most totalitarian states–especially with regard to the U.S. government’s vast surveillance and takeover of cyberspace, cell, and internet technology. This past week, the European Union voted …

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