As “mainstream” news collapses, independent news thrives: Gateway Pundit saw 34% increase in 2021

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There is nothing mainstream about “mainstream news.” Increasing evidence suggests that so-called ‘legacy’ news sources such as NYT, WaPo, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. are probably being secretly funded by US government intelligence agencies.

The public’s trust in such media has plummeted in recent years. Mainstream news lost 65% of its social media interactions, and 8% of its unique visits or more.

But independent news sources are attracting increased trust and readership. The Gateway Pundit news site saw a 34% traffic increase in 2021, while Mainstream Media saw a 36% decrease.

This was despite the fact that there has been a broad censorship campaign against Gatewaypundit was banned by Twitter in 2021. Ninety-five percent of Facebook traffic to the site was eliminated. T-Mobile now blocks text links to The Gateway Pundit. Google smears the site and blocks their ads and blocks traffic to the site.

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