New Zealand government launches fund to pay for pro-government journalism

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Every government seeks to reward pro-government journalists and to punish anti-government journalists. Pro-government journalism may be the safest and most-rewarding profession in the world; anti-government journalism may be the most dangerous profession in the world.

Now the government of New Zealand is launching a fund to pay pro-government journalists. They say this is to combat “misinformation” (meaning any types of questions or criticisms of government claims).

The government’s overreaction to the alleged global pandemic has transformed New Zealand from one of the world’s freest countries into one of the least free places on earth.

“The Journalism Fund will preserve and enhance public interest journalism that will otherwise be at risk or lost due to the impact of COVID-19 on newsrooms. It will support the production of journalistic content that is critical to an open, progressive democracy, and to protect jobs at a local, regional and national level,” claims the government press release.

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