Australia’s Howard Springs concentration camp houses many nonsick refusers and dissidents without due process, despite government claims it is a voluntary camp for travelers

The Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in Darwin, Australia was claimed by the government to be a site for international travelers to voluntarily self-isolate. But there is increasing evidence the facility is an internment camp for vaxx refusers, critics and dissidents.

And nothing about the Howard Springs facility appears to be voluntary. Three young men recently jumped the barbed wire fence to escape; the government literally shut down all local roadways and performed house-to-house and car-to-car roadblock searches for the men.

An Australian woman was recently forced into a 14-day mandatory self isolation at Howard Springs–without any trial, hearing, or due process–not for public health, but as punishment for lying to contact tracing staff. Hayley Hodgson, 26, chronicled her experience on Dec. 2. She was not accused of having COVID-19 and was never ill. Staff and guards patrol the facility in plastic hazmat-type garb, despite almost no one being sick or needing medical help. Inmates are told that if they step out of their tiny cabin trailers for any purpose other than doing laundry (with permission), or unmasked, they will be fined heavily.

Hodgson was not allowed to speak to a lawyer and was simply whisked away to Howard Springs in a converted shuttle bus. She lost her job due to the 14-day involuntary internment.

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