Electric car programs take money from the poor and give it to the rich –and Americans oppose them by wide margins

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Government trusters often promote various “alternative energy” schemes designed to wean society off of fossil fuels.

One scheme is to have government pay companies to make electric cars. And to subsidize consumers to purchase said cars. And to pay gas stations to install electric charging stations, etc.

American taxpayers have been forced to pay billions on such schemes. Tesla alone received $860 million throughout the last three years.

New data show what we already know. Such schemes are a redistribution from poor taxpayers to the rich. The vast majority of purchasers of Tesla cars are in the top income tiers.

Rich Tesla drivers get “free” electricity at charging stations (paid by poorer taxpayers and utility customers).

The reverse Robin Hood system of spreading the wealth to the wealthy is under severe scrutiny. A new American Energy Alliance poll reveals that an overwhelming 67 percent of voters “are resistant to the idea that they should pay for people to buy electric vehicles,” while “nearly in 7 in 10 respondents, or 69 percent, agreed that electricity customers should not be forced to pay for the cars’ recharging stations.”

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