Next weekend: Join us for a trek into Montana’s Crazy Mountains to ‘chase ice’

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chasing ice

In 2016, Lysander Spooner University will embark on a series of research trips aimed at studying glacier in Montana and the greater Yellowstone region.

Join us this coming Saturday at the sidewalk in front of the ‘MT Cup’ coffee shop in Livingston, Montana at around 8:00 a.m..

After introductions, we will caravan to the nearby Crazy Mountains (estimated drive around 30 miles) where we will begin trekking in search of the Crazy Range’s mountain snowfields.

Be warned: it is early season and there is plenty of snow to navigate through. Bring crampons, snowshoes or skis.


Several people have pointed us to a film and lecture series called “Chasing Ice” by nature photographer James Balog and Jeff Orlowski. The 2012 film is visually impressive and quite stimulating. It depicts the well-funded ‘Extreme Ice Survey’ project, in which Balog and other activists don expensive state-of-the-art gear and take sequential footage of glacier melts in Greenland, Iceland and elsewhere, in an effort to promote fear over alleged manmade global warming.

“Chasing Ice,” of course, has been met with rave reviews almost everywhere. Critics like Tony Heller, however, point out that what Balog and Orlowski attribute to manmade carbon emissions has actually been happening FOR CENTURIES, meaning that fossil fuels cannot be blamed for all the world’s reduced glaciers.

Blalog will show some pictures from 100 years ago, and compare them to modern pictures, to prove that global warming is making the glaciers disappear. What he won’t tell them is that everything he documents has been going on for centuries, and has nothing to do with human activity.

Lysander Spooner University’s research project is much less well funded and less ambitious. We aim to capture photographs of local Montana and/or Wyoming glaciers from the same vantage points year after year on the same calendar dates.

Join us next weekend!

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