“Adjusted” temperature record to be examined by a team of distinguished scientists

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It has previously been reported in these pages that government agencies have been caught “adjusting” global temperatures upward in recent years and downward for past years to give a greater impression of recent global warming. Some “adjusting” may be warranted: thermometers and temperature measuring equipment have been moved, altered and improved in some cases. But a pattern has emerged suggesting that temps seem to have been altered to show drastic global warming.

According to THE TELEGRAPH, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has enlisted an international team of five distinguished scientists to carry out a full inquiry into just how far these manipulations of the data may have distorted our picture of what is really happening to global temperatures.

At this time it appears that the five distinguished scientists include solid names of great respectability, including Terence Kealey, until recently vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham and Professor Roger Pielke Sr, a noted climatologist from the University of Colorado.

Professor Kealey is a brave academic who has harshly criticized government funding of scientific research. Pielke has been occasionally mentioned as a “skeptic” by global-warming alarmists.

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