Federal Government Making Plans For Major Takeover of Internet

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A dozen sources indicate that our “masters” in government in Washington are preparing to launch a major push for so-called “net neutrality” policies to regulate the internet. This socialist model will spread the stink and stain of government over the internet in a manner similar to the way governments have long controlled utilities.

If adopted, the net neutrality legislation/executive action will turn the internet over to government regulators in Chinese style.

For years, government supremacists have chaffed under the freedom of expression and discussion that prevails on the internet. Without controlling the internet, socialists will never be able to achieve their dream of slave-plantation-level thought and property control. Government insiders have been spreading a false claim that the internet is in danger of being monopolized by a small number of private firms who will then (in this fantasy dream world) keep out small, poor websites by discriminating in favor of well-funded websites.

Of course there is UTTERLY NO EVIDENCE OF SUCH A THREAT.marx_dees

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