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People Living in Socialist Hellhole Venezuela Deprived of Basic Medicines As Shelves Empty

Trusters of government (including trusters of government living in America) point to Venezuela as a socialist paradise. But an expose’ posted on “Oxy” reveals that Venezuelans are now without basic medicines due to Venezuela’s policies of price controls, central planning, single-payer slave-plantation healthcare administration, and government-monopoly licensing.

Isis: The New Enemy!

brought to us by “Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives“: The same guys who brought us the “Action Man: Battlefield Casualties” action figures:

Murray Rothbard on Social Security

The great economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995), in his exhaustive treatise “Man, Economy, and State,” briefly discussed Social Security (2nd ed.2001, pages 957-58): Social security confiscates the income of wage earners, and then, most people presume, it invests the money more wisely than they could themselves, later paying out the money to the former wage earners …

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John Stossel on Spontaneous Order

The great libertarian TV journalist and commentator John Stossel is out with a brilliant essay. Stossel discusses the theory of spontaneous order: the notion that humans tend to create order in any chaotic setting, without being commanded to do so. In many respects, the debate over spontaneous order is the debate between freedom and …

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NBC’s Brian Williams Has Long History of Lying to Promote Government

Brian Williams, lead news anchor of the government-supported NBC news network, has taken a leave of absence after being caught exaggerating his roles in various state- and military-worshipping news stories. Dale Steinreich of writes today (Feb. 10, 2015) to remind us that Brian Williams previously used news content generated by the site without …

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Lysander Spooner University Considering New Logo

Check out this new logo. It is a work in progress. Many thanks to Kirsten of the Fully Informed Jury Association.

Modern Government Colleges are Dens of Orwellian Iniquity

College campuses were formerly billed as environments where minds could think freely and where passions for inquiry and discovery could be unleashed. But many of today’s college campuses are zones of Orwellian government thought control. Today, when you cross the street to enter a typical college campus, you enter a world where your thoughts are …

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The Data in in: Government Banking Regulations Help Big Banks, Harm Small Banks

Trusters of government often call for more regulations on businesses. Some government trusters believe that regulations dampen the greed and influence of Fortune 500 corporations and other big businesses. Unfortunately for them the data often conflict with this view. Business regulations invariably harm the smallest businesses and the poor while helping big businesses suppress their …

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MSNBC—an alleged news network that ceaselessly calls for more government power and control, now attracts fewer than 55,000 viewers worldwide in the cherished 25-to-54-year-old demographic. You can find more people than that in the bleachers at some college football games. MSNBC, like its sister networks NBC and CNBC, are branches of General Electric, one of …

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Government climate agencies caught “adjusting” recent temps upward, older temps downward

Bombshell news in today’s (Feb. 8, 2015) London Telegraph:” title=”Fiddling With Temperatures” target=”_blank”>/embed Just as with the “Climategate” emails in and out of East Anglia, and the manipulation of data by graduate schools, climate alarmists working for governments have been caught “adjusting” temps upward in recent years, and downward for past years to bolster …

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