Nigel Farage, founder of BREXIT movement, now denied banking capabilities in UK

Banks around the world appear to be obeying secret government orders to deny service to important critics of government. Simultaneously there has been a discernable push to require that all transactions be channeled through corporate banks. For example, in the US, banks are now increasingly refusing to cash checks or even make change for noncustomers. And customers must be government approved, with Social Security numbers.

Gone are the days when people could transfer third-party checks or even deposit money into another person’s checking or bank account. Now everything requires total control and monitoring by governments or government-servicing bank establishments.

Nigel Farage, the British man who led Britain to leave the European Union a decade ago, is now banned from opening a bank account at any bank in the United Kingdom, according to reports. PJ Media reports:

In an editorial entitled “After my banking travails, I fear Britain is lost,” Farage tells a hair-raising tale of institutionalized denial of services at all UK banking companies. “It combines the kind of systemic abuse once associated with Soviet rule but now sadly common in the United States with the sort of social credit tyranny one sees in China.”

“…We are living through the politicisation of our corporate sector. Woe betide you if you do not conform with its worldview,” writes Farage. “This was brought home to me when I was recently told by my bank [since 1980] that it is closing all my accounts without explanation. It is impossible to function without a bank account. It should alarm everybody that a bank has the power to punish those it considers to have erred or strayed.”

He goes on to detail his financial ostracization as bank after bank refused to accept his business, and he gives examples of other politicians — always conservative — to whom it has also happened. Not only are these victims “unpersoned” and rendered unable to conduct business or even function in society, but they also face psychological extortion from vast, faceless institutions as their family members suffer the same fate. Basically, the banks tell the target, “Step down from politics or the kid gets it.”

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But these powerful financial corporations still require a fig leaf to justify their abuse for PR purposes, and this is provided by a legislative or executive body. As was once SOP in Stalin’s Russia but is now common in the U.S., a “crime” is alleged and bounced to the media for magnification. Farage tells what he was baselessly accused of, and you’re not going to believe it:

For years, I have been falsely accused of having financial links to Russian funding. Even though this is nonsense, MPs have used parliamentary privilege to accuse various people associated with the Brexit campaign of the same thing. Last year, the Labour MP Sir Chris Bryant claimed in the Commons chamber that I received £548,573 in one calendar year “from the Russian state”. Despite my pleas to him and the Speaker to correct this assertion, there has been no retraction.