Rumble receives emails from “news” organizations demanding that Rumble censor “disinfo” (as determined by governments)

Globally the strongest demands for censorship are now coming from “journalists” and “mainstream” (government supporting and supported) news sources. Now the Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest newspaper, is demanding that rising video platform begin censoring government-unapproved content in the same way that Youtube, Google, Facebook and Twitter have done.

Youtube now deletes and prohibits any videos which question the 2020 presidential election, as well as any video containing medical information which is not approved by the World Health Organization. Youtube has also begun deleting and suppressing videos which cast doubt on the government’s climate-doomsday-by-manmade-CO2 theory.

According to a tweet by Rumble, “It is now common that we receive pressure from journalists demanding that we censor more.” See here.