BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Attorney General William Barr ordered investigators to drop investigations into 2020 election fraud, warning them privately they were interfering with a federal investigation. Then Barr announced to the public that there was no election fraud in 2020!

We all remember the puzzling story of USPS contract truck driver Jesse Morgan, who testified under oath that on October 21, 2020 (about 10 days prior to the election), he drove a truck from Bethpage, NY to Lancaster, PA. Several things about Morgan’s trip were suspicious, so at one point Morgan opened his trailer and examined its contents.

Inside the trailer were boxes filled with an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed Pennsylvania ballots. And he had shipped the ballots across three state lines. It was obviously evidence of a crime, but while Morgan was away the trailer disappeared. USPS officials in Lancaster even refused to provide Morgan with written paperwork regarding his trip.

Later, the day after election night, PA election officials announced that Trump’s 6-figure lead over Biden in the presidential race in PA had suddenly disappeared as over 100,000 Biden votes miraculously appeared.

After Morgan went public, FBI and USPS agents repeatedly intimidated him and threatened him with criminal prosecution!

We have since learned that the U.S. Attorney for eastern PA tried to open an investigation but that he was quickly stopped by US Attorney General Bill Barr who ordered him to stop investigating and to make no public statements about the matter.

Now we learn more details from former US Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, who investigated the Jesse Morgan matter after the election. Shaffer worked with a law enforcement agency in Virginia as well as the “Amistad” think tank associated with Republicans in PA who were then preparing election challenges in PA.

Shaffer contacted former US Attorney General Ed Meese, who contacted William Barr about wanting the DOJ to assist in the investigation. Within minutes of Meese’s phone call to Barr, Barr personally phoned Shaffer. Barr demanded that Shaffer stop investigating and warned Shaffer that Shaffer was interfering with a DOJ investigation! Then Barr demanded that Shaffer reveal the location of Morgan (who was then hiding in a safehouse).

Soon after, Morgan was “turned over” to the USPS. He has never been heard from again and has apparently been either paid off or threatened into silence (or killed).

Then on December 1, William Barr publicly announced that the Justice Department had found no evidence of election fraud in 2020. The press widely publicized Barr’s proclamation.

Now the USPS refuses to release its report of the Jesse Morgan matter.

Twitter and YouTube have now removed all videos of Jesse Morgan’s speeches, statements and testimony after they were viewed more than a million times. You can see this here.