Chinese Totalitarianism Reaches New Heights

The news site DNYUZ is out with a harrowing expose on the present state of China. Many once-free societies such as Australia and Canada have transformed into prison states in the past 2 years. But China has transformed into a totalitarian slave prison.

“The foundation of the controls is the health code. The local authorities, working with tech companies, generate a user’s profile based on location, travel history, test results and other health data. The code’s color — green, yellow or red — determines whether the holder is allowed into buildings or public spaces. Its use is enforced by legions of local officials with the power to quarantine residents or restrict their movements.”

Chinese subjects are tracked via their apps throughout the day and night. The government knows where each subject is at all times.
“The Chinese Communist Party has found the best model for controlling people,” said one jailed critic in a telephone interview in December.

“A Covid cluster that rippled across Zhejiang Province in east China late last year began with a funeral. When one attendee, a health worker, tested positive in a routine test, 100 tracers sprang into action.”

“Using digital health code records, teams of tracers plotted out a network of people to test based on where the man had been: a restaurant, a mahjong parlor, card-playing rooms. Within a couple of weeks, they stopped the chain of infections in Hangzhou — in all, 29 people there were found to be infected.”

“The health code is essentially required, because without it, people cannot enter buildings, restaurants or even parks.” “In recent months, the authorities in various cities have expanded their definition of close contact to include people whose cellphone signals were recorded within as much as half a mile of an infected person.”

“China has mobilized 4.5 million so-called grid workers to fight the outbreak, according to state media — roughly one in every 250 adults. Under the grid management system, cities, villages and towns are divided into sections, sometimes of just a few blocks, which are then assigned to individual workers.”

“You never know if your planned itinerary will be canceled, or if your travel plans can be realized,” the article said.”