Canadian Law Enforcement demands Canadians report “anti-authority” opinions

By Dr. Roger Roots, Founder of Lysander Spooner University

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are the Canadian equivalent of America’s FBI. Canadians seem to revere and idolize the RCMP. I took the attached photos of RCMP teddy bears and t-shirts for sale in the gift shop at the Prince of Wales Hotel just north of Glacier National Park in 2019 (back when Americans could actually travel to Canada). I remember being shocked at the time at such a sickening display of government idolatry .

The fact that Canadians have now submitted so sheepishly to country-wide lockdowns, quarantine camps and vaxx passports may be directly related to their national tradition of worshipping the RCMP.

In any case, this week RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki urged Canadians to report suspicious Internet behaviour, including comments by people who express “anti-government, anti-law enforcement” opinions. “When in doubt, report it,” said Lucki. “It’s easy to overlook the seemingly ordinary moments that make up our days.”

The RCMP issued a guide called “Reporting Suspicious Incidents to Police” that encourages Internet users to report neighbors with suspicious politics or “anti-authority” views that “include anti-government, anti-law enforcement and anarchist” opinions or “grievance-driven ideologies.”