Whistleblower: CDC knowingly DESTROYED vaccine study results in order to hide autism link

We all know that the government medical establishment works ferociously to stop discussions of possible links between childhood vaccines and autism. Doctors who say there may be such a link find their licenses suspended. Moms find themselves deplatformed from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter for suggesting such a link. Mainstream news media says the theory has been debunked.

But now Sharyl Attkisson has interviewed a high-level CDC scientist-turned-whistleblower and published a startling story. Current CDC Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson now says the agency has knowingly DESTROYED evidence and data to cover up a link between childhood MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccines and autism in Black children.

These revelations are astounding. Thompson says that he and his CDC coathors “omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the Journal of Pediatrics.”

Thompson led or co-led 3 major vaccine safety studies from 2000 to 2006. “The MADDSP MMR-Autism Cases Control Study was being carried out in response to the Wakefield Lancet study that suggested an association between the MMR vaccine and an autism-like health outcome.” (Dr. Andrew Wakefield later saw his career destroyed and lost his medical license and professorships; a search for his name in Google or other search engines reveals him labeled a fraud for his “false claims” of a vaccine/autism link. Now it is revealed that the CDC concealed data from its own research which would have helped clear Wakefield.)

The CDC study found a “huge” statistical significant link between autism in Black children and the MMR vaccine! But the CDC authors conspired secretly to deceive readers of their scientific papers by not mentioning any race effects.

All the authors and I met and decided sometime between August and September 2002 not to report any race effects for the paper. Sometime soon after the meeting, where we decided to exclude reporting any race effects, the coauthors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study.