Covid shutdowns had NO MEASURABLE IMPACT on atmospheric CO2

The hyped Covid-19 scare has given an opportunity for promoters of the climate doomsday crisis to test their theories. One notion commonly held by climate doomsday panic promoters is that productive capitalism and free markets are to blame for CO2 (and–by extension–global warming).

According to this theory, governments must shut down, limit, restrict and lock down capitalism to limit human-produced CO2 in the atmosphere.

The covid lockdowns and restrictions are therefore an opportunity to put this theory to a test.

Indeed, many voices in the climate doomsday community have openly said that the solutions to the supposed covid and supposed climate problems are the same solutions.

So–Did the violent lockdowns that started in March 2020 across the western world reduce CO2 in the atmosphere?

Turns out, not so much. Humans account for less than 5% of the CO2 in the atmosphere in most years (often below 3%). TO DATE, NO MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE IN CO2 LEVELS HAS BEEN DETECTED. See here.