Zerohedge: Wikipedia has been taken over by government and “establishment” trolls

Just like Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter, Wikipedia increasingly censors anti-government content

The online open-source encyclopedia called Wikipedia frequently provides the first source of information following a google search. This is major-league influence, so it is to be expected that powerful entities such as Big Pharma, major corporations and government agencies seek to closely control the content of many Wikipedia pages.

At least ostensibly, anyone can apply to be a Wikipedia editor. The more editing one does, the higher his ‘rank.’ After 500 edits and 30 days an editor can be an “Extended Confirmed User” (ECU). An ECU can then apply to be an Administrator or “SysOp.” A SysOp can do things like undo changes, block users, delete pages, and modify fully protected pages.

Some Wikipedia pages are deemed so controversial or significant that only SysOps can modify them – such as the page for Donald Trump.

Beneath the surface, Wikipedia is not nearly as ‘opensource’ as it advertises.

Large governmental and organizational entities employ full-time editors (or ‘trolls) whose jobs are to monitor and control certain Wikipedia entries. One ‘volunteer’ named “Philip Cross” has been found to edit Wikipedia 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 5 years. “Cross” deletes controversial / anti-government content and replaces it with pro-war “mainstream” content. Analysts assume “Philip Cross” is one of many full-time CIA (or NSA, or FBI, etc.) fronts across the Wikipedia editorsphere.

According to a report by Zerohedge, there are thousands of full-time editors of Wikipedia’s supposedly open-sourced content.

“[W]e should include Wikipedia as part of the Mainstream Media (MSM),” according to Zerohedge’s report.