Big Journalism laments: almost no one will voluntarily pay for pro-government “news”

In the digital age there are more reporters, bloggers, and information providers than ever before. And almost all of it is free.

Big Journalism–the government-supporting (and supported) “mainstream” news complex–is beside itself with anger and frustration.

Every investigation into major news sources such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS and other outlets has found that much “mainstream” news is secretly funded or supported by government agencies or officials.

Although such alleged news sources may occasionally report critically on a specific government official, the news sources almost never criticize the intrusive structure of government itself.

Now a Reuters Institute poll and study of news consumers finds that very few are likely to ever voluntarily pay for the pro-government “news.”

The poll may have been the first of its kind to find that the most critical, discerning news readers are the most likely to reject the “mainstream” news agenda.

About a third of British leave voters–those who courageously voted for the Brexit in England in 2016–indicated they lost trust in mainstream news sources when they realized that much mainstream news content simply wasn’t true.