Australian voters and representatives remove 3 prime ministers in a decade over “climate change” impositions; U.S. newspapers ignore

Australians pay some of the highest electricity rates in the world, mostly due to laws imposed by the Australian government which affirm and enshrine the global-government’s climate change theory and which require energy to be largely produced by expensive wind and solar projects.

In recent years, Australian voters have revolted against such rules. Voters and Australian representatives have now removed 3 prime ministers in the past decade over the issue.

U.S. newspapers such as the LA Times have misled their readers with stories indicating that the removal of (recent) Prime Minister Turnbull is attributable to the rise of populist, anti-refugee sentiment.

Climate change hysteria is almost entirely driven by wealthy government-supporting elites and media. Nongovernmental workers and voters NEVER vote to impose climate-change-related taxes or regulations on themselves. (They vote as consumers seeking the best energy for the money.)

And a third of U.S. voters say that the climate change theory may be a “total hoax.”