More U.S. postal workers arrested for keeping mail

Every inspection of U.S. Postal facilities has found stamped mail illegally destroyed, thrown in trashcans or hidden in workers’ vehicles or personal spaces. The U.S. Postal Service charges more than twice what a private sector business would charge for the same services, but maintains its monopoly on letter delivery by acts of Congress.

The government postal service loses about $5 billion annually despite having every market advantage. The USPS pays no state or federal income tax, no corporate tax, and no property tax. The USPS owns some of the most prestige real estate locations in the world.

The USPS also illegally monitors and surveils the American people by various means, including by recording the packaging of almost every parcel.

US Postal workers are significantly overpaid, and thousands of people apply for every advertised opening.

Now there is news of two more arrests of U.S. Postal workers for illegally keeping properly-stamped mail. One man, in New York City, was found with undelivered mail in his vehicle. Another, on Long Island, New York, was arrested after investigators found dozens of bags filled with undelivered mail behind his home. See here.