Tens of Thousands of Seniors Now Live as Low-Wage Nomads in RVs, Vans and Trailers

If you save anything in modern America you are an utter fool. Near-zero interest rates, high taxation, central-banking-driven inflation and other government policies have robbed an entire generation of wealth in their later years.

Social Security further robs the poor of their nest eggs, incentivising people to save less, invest less, and work fewer total hours. Studies reveal the U.S. as a whole is at least 4 percent poorer than it would have been without the diabolical program.

Marketwatch.com is out with an essay about growing numbers of seniors who now live in RVs, campers and vans in their “retirement”–traveling between work camps and low-wage jobs to survive.

The information is largely taken from the work of journalist Jessica Bruder, whose book “Nomadland,” “reveals the dark, depressing and sometimes physically painful life of a tribe of men and women in their 50s and 60s who are — as the subtitle says — “surviving America in the twenty-first century.” Not quite homeless, they are “houseless,” living in secondhand RVs, trailers and vans and driving from one location to another to pick up seasonal low-wage jobs, if they can get them, with little or no benefits.