Facebook and Twitter–which led the fight for government takeover of internet claiming corporations might censor online content–are now exposed as censoring online content

The push for a government takeover of the internet, sometimes called “net neutrality,” has been led by socialist government trusters and monster corporations such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

These corporations all claimed that unless the government took over the internet and required all internet providers to obtain licenses, such internet providers might impose slower speeds or less access to disfavored groups, or censor political perspectives, or charge the poor more than the rich. Or something.

But it has recently surfaced that “liberal” (often code for pro-government) content is favored on Facebook, Google and Twitter and that “conservative” (often code for anti-government) content is actively and constantly suppressed, slowed, and censored.

Project Veritas recently went undercover and captured video of software engineers at the firms who candidly admitted that such corporations impede access for “conservative” or anti-socialist content. One engineer even admitted that the U.S. government pressured them to do so (regarding Wikileaks content).

Now it has been revealed that Facebook took the money from publishers to promote the book “The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama,” but then blocked the book from being discussed.

(Facebook executives met secretly with Obama in the White House on numerous occasions. It has been revealed that Facebook and Microsoft have received millions of dollars from government agencies–often secretly.