Government schools increasingly ban Halloween due to political incorrectness concerns

There is nothing constitutional about public schools. Early Americans knew nothing of them. They educated themselves according to their needs, with private schooling or home schooling.

But public schools have taken over America’s education over the past century. And through such schools, government incessantly promotes its agenda of central planning, government control and regulation.

Now public schools in Massachusetts are banning Halloween because it is politically incorrect. Too many costumes are troublesome–either depicting ‘wrong’ identities or causing other students to suffer traumatically. See here.

Over time, governments have turned every holiday that originally celebrated freedom into a holiday celebrating the state. Armistice day–which was originally a celebration of peace and the end of WWI–has been transformed into ‘Veterans Day’ to celebrate the soldiers of the state. Independence day–which originally celebrated defiance of the the state–has been transformed into a day of worship of the state.