First Floridians were ordered to evacuate homes at gunpoint; now they’ll be prosecuted for felonies for ‘abandoning’ pets

Hurricane Irma has brought lots of rain and some wind, but government hype about the storm has proven to be mostly fake news. See here.

Thousands of Floridians were ordered at gunpoint to flee their homes under claims of catastrophic emergency. Government cops rolled through streets in massive shows of force, arresting almost anyone who wasn’t part of the ruling establishment (meaning government employees, friends of deputies, government-supported news media, etc.).

Now USA Today is reporting that Floridians who complied with authorities’ commands to evacuate homes and apartments will be prosecuted for felonies for ‘abandoning’ pets. See here.

Although some Floridians have capabilities of caring for pets during evacuations, many others are poor and have no means to transport or take care of pets. Some Floridians had to leave their pets home alone during the hurricane; others released their pets to the out-of-doors, expecting the dogs and cats could survive during the evacuation period and would return when evacuation orders were lifted.