“Global warming” star professor Michael Mann fails to obey Canadian Court order that he produce his data

Foremost among the “stars” of the government’s manmade-global-warming movement is Michael Mann, a professor at Penn State.

Mann and his research agenda have received millions of dollars in federal government research grant money.

Mann’s (always secret from the public) global-warming data and calculations have provided the backbone for the UN’s claims that increasing CO2 levels are causing catastrophic global warming.

But although Mann’s “data” is generated by massive U.S. government funding, Mann has never been forced to disclose the data to the public.

A U.S. court took Mann’s word for it that his data is his own private property.

But a court in Canada ordered Mann to produce his data and formulas in February.

And now Mann is refusing to produce the secret formula. According to this report, Mann is now in serious risk of being found in contempt of court and having his defamation lawsuit against Professor Tim Ball thrown out.

Mann has been suing Professor Ball because Ball once said that Mann belongs “in the State Pen rather than Penn State.”