Venezuelans–formerly the wealthiest people in South America–are now too starving and poor to protest their socialist government

In just 20 years, socialism and government central planning raped and robbed the people of Venezuela of their rights, their wealth and their dignity.

During the early 1990s, Venezuelans were the wealthiest people in South America. Their market economy thrived and exported oil and other goods throughout the world.

Then the people voted for socialism and Hugo Chavez. Today the people line up in government lines to beg for crumbs. Grown men die in knife fights over pennies and dive through dumpsters to survive. Venezuelan prisoners have killed and eaten other inmates for survival. women and girls prostitute themselves for pennies, or boxes of diapers or tubes of toothpaste.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that most Venezuelans are simply too hungry to protest their government. See here.