Greenland ice levels are growing at record speed

A couple years back there was a documentary called “Chasing Ice” featuring claims that manmade-global-warming was causing Greenland’s ice sheets to melt away. The film featured heroic guys in expensive North Face parkas bravely wandering around Greenland’s melting glaciers while sad piano music played in the back ground.

We haven’t heard much from those guys in the past year or so. Their website charges money to view any of their imagery and does not provide much real data.

Right now, Greenland’s ice is at its highest level in years–as measured by satellite. See here.

And Greenland’s glaciers are growing faster than ever.

This while the mainstream (meaning pro-government) press has released several stories of far-higher-than-average temps at the North Pole. (Although there were some above-average temps at the North Pole around Christmas (due to a windstream pattern), those temps did not reach a melting temperature, and were not unusual in a historical context.)