November 2016 archive

Intercept: Senate Republicans Who Most Support Surveillance are Receiving Major Koch Brother Support

People who call themselves ‘conservatives’ often claim they are advocating an originalist, strict-construction of the Constitution, consistent with the intent of America’s Founding Fathers. Yet the strongest strand of principle which weaves through modern conservatism is worship of men in uniform, especially soldiers and cops. The Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves if …

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France Continues Building Space-Age Surveillance State

Governments love terrorism. It keeps subjects in fear and accepting government control. This is why false flag episodes are so alluring for government masters. After several terrorist attacks in France, French authorities have constructed one of the world’s most elaborate surveillance states. The French government now keeps extensive data files on every person in the …

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In Turkey, mass arrests of dissident party members and blackouts of social media

Every government that ever existed ultimately came for all freedoms, all property, all resources, and to kill all who resist. Now, the government of Turkey is blocking social media and arresting elected legislators from opposition parties. See here.

Government trusters occasionally criticize policing, but offer no realistic remedy

Years ago, I authored one of the most widely read law review articles on the abuses and unconstitutionality of modern policing, “Are Cops Constitutional?” I have received praise for years from a variety of anti-police-brutality writers and organizations. But many movements aimed at stopping police criminality and abuses offer pointless solutions. One commonly suggested remedy …

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New York City homeless levels are at all-time high

Government overcriminalization, regulation and licensing requirements have taken a severe toll on America’s poor. After years of socialistic rule, New York City finds its homeless population is at an all-time high. See here.

Venezuela now has single-payer medicine–rationed by the military

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on a hated enemy. All societies that embrace it inevitably become sick and weak. Just a generation ago, Venezuela was a thriving, dynamic society with a robust economy. Now, after 17 years of socialism, men die in the streets fighting over spare change. Women and children …

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Overpaid government ‘workers’ are bankrupting major cities

America has moved toward becoming a feudal society like the tyrannical fiefdoms of yesteryear, with private households mired in poverty, debt and hopelessness while those in government live like kings (pun intended). The average federal ‘worker’ is paid about twice what a worker in the private sector would make doing the same type of job. …

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New York Times quarterly earnings fall 95 percent

America’s government-supporting newspapers are dying. Now the New York Times–America’s premier pro-government newspaper–is reporting quarterly earnings that are 95.7 percent lower than just a year earlier. See here.

Life is improving for most people on earth; in spite of governments

Life expectancy, world health, literacy and education, average interior living space, and the cleanliness of environments is gradually improving throughout the world. See here. But this progress has been IN SPITE OF, rather than because of the world’s governments, which have constantly sought to repress and control the world’s subjects. See here.