Yale University “environmental” center claims that Greenland ice is melting at unprecedented rates; actual data show Greenland ice is melting slower than normal

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Fascinating battle of claims regarding Greenland’s ice pack. Most elite, government-supporting institutions are heavily promoting claims that 2016 is vastly hotter than any other year in history.

Some critics suspect that supporters of the government’s manmade-global-warming theories are escalating their hysterics this year for political reasons.

In any case, Yale University’s “Environment 360” center is currently promoting claims that Greenland is experiencing “abrupt,” “unprecedented” melting of its ice pack. See here.

However, intrepid data analyst Tony Heller has studied satellite imagery of Greenland’s ice cover and concluded that Greenland’s ice is actually ABOVE NORMAL!:

The surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet has gained nearly 500 billion tons of ice since last summer. More than average.

See here.