June 2016 archive

Government temperature ‘adjustments’ “exactly match the increase in CO2”

Government agencies in charge of keeping historic temperature records claim they occasionally “adjust” the temperature records to fix problems with bad thermometers, etc. For example, NOAA officials will point to places where a thermometer system was malfunctioning. They will then claim that the official records of past years have been “adjusted” to fix the problem. …

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Health Care Costs to Increase an AVERAGE of 11 Percent Next Year

Health care and higher education have much in common in modern America. Both are promoted as “rights” by government trusters. And government has promoted programs to “help” the poor obtain their products and services by subsidizing such goods with taxpayer inputs. Both industries have seen annual price increases higher than the rate of inflation for …

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More die in Venezuelan food riots

Every society that has ever adopted socialism ultimately became sick and weak. There are no exceptions. (Some socialist writers tend to point to countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden as exceptions; yet those societies rose to power and wealth in past centuries when they were overtly capitalistic and commercial–and have each lost world standing as …

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More facts emerge regarding Orlando shooter: He was gay, controlling, cop wannabe

Not only was the Orlando shooter an apparent intelligence operative. He was a police academy graduate who was part of a gay community at the academy. He is known to have asked one other cadet out romantically. See here.

False Flag Red Flags Going Up: Turns Out the Orlando Mass Shooter was an Intelligence Asset

Move along. Nothing to see here . . . UPDATE: Infowars is reporting the shooter may have CIA connections.

State Licensed Security Officer Allegedly Murders 50 Innocents

Today’s news reports are dominated by the murderous rampage of Omar Mateen (pictured, wearing New York Police Department shirts). Mateen is a licensed security officer in Florida, who apparently worships police authoritarianism. See here.

Death, Disease, Starvation in Venezuela

Socialism is something one should wish on an enemy; not on one’s own society. In only 15 years, Venezuelan officials transformed the rising nation into a third world sewer; using the miracle of socialism. Food shortage, lack of medicine, water so contaminated that Venezuelans suffer from skin rashes from bathing in it. Babies dying by …

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Heller: Greenland ice gain this winter has been well above normal and not far from a record high

Who can you believe? The Washington Post and most other major papers have been running stories throughout the spring proclaiming that Greenland’s ice and snow are melting faster than ever before. But Tony Heller of realclimatescience.com has once again examined the available satellite and webcam evidence. According to Heller, Greenland gained a large amount of …

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Federal Prosecutors have been Secretly Viewing Defense Legal Documents for a Decade

Astounding news from the federal courts of south Florida. It has been revealed that the U.S. Attorneys Office has had secret access to all documents used by the defense teams they litigate against for more than 10 years! Some people still think federal courts function according to an adversarial model, with the government pitted against …

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Update: California legislature is tabling ‘climate skeptic criminalization’ bill

Breaking! Yesterday it made national news that a California legislator had introduced a bill to criminalize climate skepticism as an ‘unfair trade practice.’ Californians were to obey the State and utter agreement with the State’s apocalyptic global warming theory. Today there are more details. It turns out the bill actually made its way out of …

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