Pro-Government Professors Intimidate Reporters at University of Missouri

melissa click

Every time one walks onto a typical government-supported college campus, he enters a world of less freedom, more intimidation, and higher costs.

Parking is entirely free almost everywhere in Montana or Wyoming. Except on government college campuses.

The entirety of government funding of higher education is based on a notion that such funding helps “the poor.” But in fact, the system forces the true poor to support the children of the middle class and subsidize the luxurious lifestyles of free-market-hating neo-Stalinists.

Here is a Washington Post story (with videos) regarding recent extremist pro-government demonstrations on the campus of the University of Missouri. When a student reporter seeks to film the public spaces of the campus, government university staffpeople and faculty threaten him with physical violence.

When the student reporter–knowing his rights–invokes the First Amendment freedom of the press, one government professor visibly mocks him and calls upon students to assault the reporter.

UPDATE: Daily Caller confirms that the professor seen calling for “muscle” to violently remove the journalist is (like hundreds of other professors around the country) a committed anti-capitalist “intellectual.”