Another government college bans free-market student clubs


Another government college has been caught seeking to ban student free-market clubs from campus. Hagerstown Community College (HCC) Student Activities Coordinator Heather B. Barnhart told students they were forbidden from starting a chapter of the free market advocacy student group Turning Point USA (TPUSA) on campus. Barnhart reportedly told a student that she (the student) would be permitted to instead start a Republican Club on campus (but only if a Democrat Club was formed at the same time).

According to the Foundation for Equal Rights in Education, “Dean of Student Affairs Jessica A. Chambers later clarified that DeMartino could not start a TPUSA chapter, or even a Republican or Democrat Club, and stated that DeMartino [the student] should instead join HCC’s already-existing Political Science Club, which Chambers judged to be sufficient for all politically oriented students.”

See the report here. America’s government colleges have become dens of pro-government extremism, where a doctrinaire message of socialism displaces all discourse on markets, freedom and libertarianism. Although public universities are government institutions which are presumably subject to the free-speech, free-press and equal-protection provisions of the Constitution, many engage in overt discrimination and repression of anti-government thought.