The Average Retiring New York Firefighter Costs Taxpayers About 2 Million Dollars.


Today’s federal and state government employees are often lavished with luxurious pensions and salaries. In many counties, the largest and most expensive mansions are owned not by business leaders but by government employees.

New York City firefighters are greatly overpaid. And when they retire, a very high percentage (80 percent or more) declare they are “disabled,” meaning they claim they are not able to work in other fields. Many of these “disabled” firefighters can be seen on Long Island golf courses and swimming in pools at elite country clubs.

According to Gavin McInnes, some 80 percent of retiring New York firefighters declare they are disabled and thereby “get their 100k a year tax-free and if they die, their spouses get the money until they die.” “[T]his usually runs the taxpayer about two million dollars per firefighter’s retired lifetime; not bad for getting paid to sleep for twenty years.”

According to McInnes, New York City employees are milking the taxpayers royally. “[I]t’s not unusual in New York to get ten firefighters, five cops, and three EMT for every teen who faints on a field trip to the museum—seriously, my wife works there.” McInnes article is here.