Some 95 % of New Yorkers who own “assault weapons” appear to be disobeying a recent State law requiring them to register.

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Gun controllers often promise that their “registration” schemes will never be used to confiscate firearms. They push for laws that require all gun owners (or owners of certain types of guns) to “register” their guns with government officials. It’s just a public safety measure, the gun controllers will often say.

But a decade after California lawmakers passed an assault-weapon-registration law in 1989 (with assurances and promises that the registry would NEVER, EVER be used for purposes of confiscation) California came for all assault weapons. The same thing happened in Australia.

Gun control freaks are also known to visit registered gun owners’ homes with massive SWAT teams to confiscate the guns soon after a gun owner checks into mental health treatment. See here.

It now appears that up to 95 percent of New Yorkers with semi-automatic firearms (er, “assault weapons”) are disobeying a new State law requiring them to register their guns. In Connecticut not long after the Sandy Hook incident, some 85 percent of Connecticut gun owners likewise disobeyed a state registration law. See the story here.

Could Americans be developing a backbone?