Government health care regulation driving more people to do their own dental work.


Health care is probably the most regulated industry in the world. Much of this regulation subsidizes demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. Consequently, health care costs have generally risen much faster than inflation. Now, more and more people are simply avoiding government “health care” altogether and seeking to treat themselves. Here is a story about the increasing number of people who have been driven away from the overregulation and high prices of government-approved dental care and are opting to do their own dental fillings.

If people were more free to purchase their own CAT scan machines, MRI machines and other medical devices, the prices of such technology would come down quickly. If people were free to make their own medical purchases over the counter without government-approved-doctor prescriptions, medicine prices would come down quickly. If people were free to seek health care from non-government-licensed doctors, health would greatly improve for most Americans.