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Dec 15

Venezuelans give away their children to save them from socialist poverty

Just 15 years ago, Venezuelans were among the richest and freest people in Latin America. Then the country voted for socialism. Now Venezuelans struggle for daily survival. The government dispenses all food, education and medical care. Men die in the streets fighting over dollars. Women walk the streets as prostitutes for as little as a …

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Dec 14

5-year-old children work in slave labor camps in North Korea

Those who seek central planning over America depict government as a source of warmth, benevolence and comfort. They urge us to surrender our freedoms, lives and property to the state. Yet everywhere socialism has taken root, people live lives of misery, heartbreak and poverty while their masters live lives of opulence, privilege and luxury. Here …

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Nov 27

The reality of socialism: Fidel Castro lived in constant luxury as his subjects starved

Socialist politicians promise equality and free stuff but deliver impoverishment and tyranny. Here is a New York Post article about the luxurious life of Cuban President Fidel Castro. Castro lived a life of absolute luxury. He had dozens of mistresses and kept a dozen private palaces for himself. He even had pet dolphins. Virtually anyone …

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Nov 25

Starving Venezuelans flee socialism on life rafts

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on one’s most hated enemies. Here is a New York Times story about hungry Venezuelans fleeing their socialist country by the droves. Just a couple decades ago, Venezuela had the highest standard of living IN ALL OF LATIN AMERICA. But just 17 years after the people …

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Nov 03

Venezuela now has single-payer medicine–rationed by the military

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on a hated enemy. All societies that embrace it inevitably become sick and weak. Just a generation ago, Venezuela was a thriving, dynamic society with a robust economy. Now, after 17 years of socialism, men die in the streets fighting over spare change. Women and children …

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Oct 15

Socialism Kills: Socialist Haiti lost 500 people to Hurricane Matthew; neighboring Dominican Republic lost 4

Socialist Haiti shares an island with the Capitalist Dominican Republic. One can see the difference between Haiti’s CO2 footprint and the Dominican Republic’s from space at night. Haiti sits in the dark as its people huddle in suffering, burning firewood instead of fossil fuels. Around 500 people died in in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew. …

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Oct 14

Starving Venezuelan prisoners kill, dismember and eat a fellow inmate

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on a hated enemy. As Venezuela plunges deeper into socialist terror, poverty and malnutrition, there are now reports that 40 Venezuelan prisoners killed, dismembered and ate an inmate. See here.

Sep 23

East German socialism caused lower life expectancy than West German capitalism

When the Berlin Wall came down, socialist East Germany was more polluted, poorer and sicker than West Germany. According to David Legates’ “The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism,” “State-guaranteed health care in the East did not translate into a healthier society. In 1990, life expectancy in the West was about 3½ years longer than in the …

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Sep 04

Venezuela now has ‘single payer’ food distribution

It is the dream of every government supremacist: to require that all food, medicine, education and other vital goods and resources be provided by the state. Venezuela was once among the most productive and dynamic countries in Latin America. Now after 15 years of socialism, Venezuelans are eating out of garbage cans, hunting dogs, cats …

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Aug 28

Venezuelan government searches and punishes those who sign anti-government petitions

Starving Venezuelans are circulating petitions to recall their president and other officials who impose the horrors of socialism upon them. The Venezuela Constitution provides for such recall petitions. “Nearly two million Venezuelans have signed the recall petition.” President “Maduro’s underlings are unjustly harassing and even arresting citizens circulating the recall petition — just as previous …

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