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Jul 04

Socialist California has gone from the 5th largest economy in the world to the 7th

Forget the overuse of the terms “liberal” and “democratic.” A more accurate description is pro-government. California’s “leaders” have driven its policies in an extreme pro-government direction for 30 years. One-third of the nation’s welfare recipients are in California, which has only one-eighth of U.S. population. See here. “What Happens When Democrats Run Your State?” California …

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Jun 25

Venezuelan military now makes thirsty Venezuelans pay for water

Socialism bills itself as a system to help the needy. Socialists believe that water, health care, food, and other commodities should be distributed by the government. Bloomberg News is out with a report that in socialist Venezuela, the poor, starving and thirsty subjects are now made to pay the military for drinking water. And the …

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May 23

Tens of thousands flee socialist Illinois

Illinois was once an international flagship of capitalism, freedom, commerce and manufacturing. Today the bloated government of Illinois has raised taxes so high that tens of thousands have fled for freer pastures in each of the past several years. See here. One couple is quoted saying that by moving to Tennessee, they managed to take …

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Apr 02

Thousands flee socialist Baltimore

Baltimore–once one of America’s greatest cities–has collapsed under the weight of government, cops, taxes, and murder. As thousands flee, the City’s population is now lower than at any time in a century. The Baltimore Sun newspaper recently reported that “The city’s outrageous property tax of $2.248 per $100 of a property’s assessed value is more …

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Mar 20

Thousands more flee California

High taxes. Overregulation. Cops everywhere. Thousands of Californians are opting to leave. Many of them are poor people struggling for daily survival under mountains of laws, regulations, and government programs. This CNBC story documents the exodus. Note that the story also blames high housing costs. But the government of California has spent more on socialistic …

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Feb 27

Venezuelan inmates eating rats and pidgeons for survival

The curse of government planning should be wished only on a hated enemy. Just 25 years ago, Venezuelans were the healthiest and wealthiest people in Latin America. Then they voted for socialism. Now, with government distributing and controlling all goods in Venezuelan society, People die in knife fights in food lines. Lifesaving medicines are scarce …

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Feb 19

“Underperforming” North Korean Olympic athletes await imprisonment and torture in their home country

The entire 1966 North Korean World Cup soccer squad were arrested and thrown into a concentration camp for failing to bring about national glory. See here. The British news site “THE SUN” documents the plight of ‘underperforming’ athletes in the socialist hellhole. Detainees who underperform at international sports competitions–and their coaches–face the prospect of lengthy …

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Feb 13

Oil Output Plummets in Oil-Rich Venezuela

The Soviet government took over productive prosperous farms and replaced the skilled, hard-working farmers with loyal government supporters. The government supporters proved to be horrible farmers, and millions of Russians died of starvation in the aftermath. The U.S. government Postal Service has a monopoly on the delivery of first-class mail. The government operation charges more …

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Jan 27

Socialism has cost Venezuela half of its wealth and half of its economy in just 5 years

For those who think socialist ideologues are not dangerous, there is sobering news from Venezuela. Just 20 years ago Venezuelans were the wealthiest and healthiest people in Latin America. The country had a total wealth that was greater than that of China. Today, after 15 years of socialist central planning, the people spend most of …

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Jan 16

Socialist California Leads Nation in Poverty

Years of high taxes, overregulation, and cops everywhere have taken their toll on California. The state now leads the U.S. in rates and numbers of people living in poverty. See here. (This is true even though the State has the most social workers, biggest welfare programs and biggest wealth-redistribution operations.) The State also has the …

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