Dec 28

Government agencies caught fabricating sea level rise

Government agencies have been caught hundreds of times ‘adjusting’ temperature records to make the past seem colder than it was measured by thermometers. This makes the present seem warmer by comparison and supports governments’ arguments that governments must become more powerful to “do something” about the alleged problem.

Now a peer-reviewed paper in Earth Systems and Environment has documented that the “Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level” (PSMSL), a government agency in Liverpool, England, has been adjusting historical data regarding sea levels in the Indian Ocean. The government adjustments have made it seem that sea levels in India rare rising.

In fact, sea levels near India are quite stable and have been for a century. In fact there has been a slight decrease in sea levels in India during the period.

“To put it simply, these PSMSL “scientists” have been arbitrarily changing their data in order to create the illusion of a problem that doesn’t actually exist,” according to Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier.