News “fact-checkers” are often just “liberal” rebuttals of “conservative” statements

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The New York Post has investigated the rise of supposedly impartial “fact-checkers” which major news sources consult.

“Fact-checker” boards, companies or committees are a current fad among mainstream news analysis.

Frequently, mainstream news will subject speeches or addresses by public officials to post-speech ‘fact-checking.’

The New York Post looked at newspapers and TV networks which employed ‘fact-checkers’ to criticize Donald Trump’s recent State of the Union address.

For example, the ‘independent’ ‘fact-checkers’ accused Trump of misleading statements for highlighting poll results but failing to mention negative aspects of the same polls.

When Trump praised the record number of women in Congress, NPR “fact-checked” him by pointing out that the growing number of women in Congress was “almost entirely because of Democrats, not Trump’s party.”

“The state of American fact-checking is dreadfully misleading. There’s no reason for conservatives to give its authors the deference they seek.”

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