Terror in Cyberspace! Israeli prime minister says hackers can bring down air force planes!

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Governments routinely try to take over the internet by claiming such things as that internet providers are preparing to charge the poor more than the rich, or slow down the internet access of the poor, or that “terrorists” might soon use the internet to bring down the power grid, shut down the Pentagon, or melt down nuclear reactors. Each of these claims is easily disproven, but governments keep saying them.

Now the prime minister of Israel is claiming that non-government-controlled internet users may soon be able to hack into air force jets and cause them to crash. See here.

A quote from Reuters:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on governments worldwide on Wednesday to join forces to defend against cyber threats that he said could even bring down military and civilian aircraft. . . . we are absolutely vulnerable. Our airlines can be brought down, our fighter planes can be brought down,” he said.

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