Lone profitable Obamacare insurance co-op losing millions

Every government policy that subsidizes health care increases demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. Thus, Medicare, Medicaid, the VA program and the ACA (“Obamacare”) have all made health care more expensive. In turn, the poor (who are sometimes mentioned as the supposed beneficiaries of such government programs) find medical care more and more […]

Climate Hysteric Michael Mann Speaks at Montana State University

by Roger Roots, 12/10/2015 An amazing spectacle of doublespeak, smoke, and mirrors took a stage at Montana State University in Bozeman on December 9, 2015. At taxpayer expense. Dr. Michael Mann, the overbearing pro-government climate scientist at the heart of the 2009 Climategate scandal, was invited by MSU faculty to lecture a large public audience. […]

Public High School Shuts Down “Conservative” Speech Because it “Crossed the Line”

America’s youth concentration camps , er . . . public schools, offer very little education, but provide a great deal of government-supremacist indoctrination. Facts about the relationship between capitalism and prosperity are deemed too radical to be presented to impressionable minds. Students are taught to seek all blessings from the state and its omnipotent ministers. […]

France has become anti-Muslim police state

It is unfortunate that today’s Muslim societies are authoritarian strongholds where there is little due process of law (in the Anglo-American sense). It is even more unfortunate that France–one of the great fountains of liberty over the past 1000 years–appears to be embracing an almost-Islamic level of authoritarianism, ironically aimed at suppressing the French Muslim […]

Hatred for Wal-mart Reached a Climax in Puerto Rico

Wal-mart, America’s largest private employer and retailer, is a frequent target for those who hate markets and worship the state. Witness this “documentary” on the megaretailer, frequently shown in union halls, schools and colleges by socialist-leaning professors. Like Michael Moore’s film “Roger and Me,” its target can do nothing right. In “Roger and Me,” General […]

How Government Regulation Crushed Lysander Spooner’s American Letter Mail Company

In 1844, Lysander Spooner launched a mail company called the American Letter Mail Company. Spooner’s company competed directly with the U.S. Postal Service, delivering letters and parcels between major cities in the eastern United States at a lower price than the government’s rates. Spooner’s company had offices in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York, and delivered […]

Health Care Costs Accelerating Faster

It is the dream of every truster of government: universal, government-dispensed health care, made cheaper by eliminating the profit motive from the industry. Unfortunately, it never works. Every government program which subsidizes health care simply increases demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise faster than inflation. Now, after Obamacare has come completely on line, […]