Government Universities Continue Their Suppression of Dissenting Opinions

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The brilliant Walter E. Williams has written another essay about the embarrassing state of ideological oppression at America’s government-sponsored colleges and universities. See here.

For example, Oberlin College and Georgetown University have both issued “trigger warnings” to students prior to campus visits by the noteworthy scholar Christina Hoff Sommers.

According to the dominant government-supremacist culture that now controls such campuses, Sommers’ “very presence on campus” was “a form of violence” and she was threatening students’ mental health. At Oberlin, 30 students and the campus therapy dog retired to a “safe room” with soft music, crayons and coloring books to escape any uncomfortable facts raised by Sommers.

Perhaps we can “tolerate” Oberlin’s and Georgetown’s repression. They are, after all, private institutions which have the right to promote their own socio-religious worldviews.

But even the University of New Hampshire–a government institution which is subject to the equal-protection and free speech clauses of the Constitution–has recently suppressed anti-government-correctness speech. UNH has published a “Bias-Free Language Guide,” which “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in (the) campus community.” Terms such as “American,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” “Caucasian,” “mothering,” “fathering” and “foreigners” are deemed “problematic.” Other problematic terms include “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” “manpower,” “freshmen,” “mailman” and “chairman” are described in the Guide as problematic.

Florida State University–another government school–has an “Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement,” which actually infringes on equal opportunity and promotes discrimination. “Behavior that may be considered offensive, demeaning, or degrading,” says the Statement, “will not be tolerated.”

In practice, such government-approved “Statements” foster a climate of fear and discrimination against anti-government voices and those who distrust expansive government.

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