Jul 11

Pope Spews Satanic Lies


Somebody’s gotta say it. The current Pope of the Catholic Church is spewing utter falsehoods that have been so repeatedly disproven that only a knowing deceiver could spread them.

Socialism has impoverished, starved and killed millions. For centuries, those who have trusted their governments to dispense food, shelter, clothing or medical care have watched as their trust was betrayed, and every ounce of their dignity was taken until even those who survived were subjected to lives of slavery and abject poverty.

During the Soviet period, those who suffered most were those who trusted government most. Wave after wave of communist party members were sent to their deaths, as jealousy and suspicion circulated among trusters of the state.

Professor Rummel has documented that the average person is four times more likely to be murdered by his own government than by any foreign government or any criminal. And one’s chances of being killed by one’s own government increase greatly if one lives in a socialist society.

Famines have only occurred in socialist societies. Famines never occur in capitalist countries, because prices quickly adjust to solve problems of scarcity wherever markets are free.

Here is a New York Times article about the current Pope’s satanic gospel of trust in redistribution and omnipotent government.

No falser god was ever worshipped.