NBC’s Brian Williams Has Long History of Lying to Promote Government

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surveilcopsBrian Williams, lead news anchor of the government-supported NBC news network, has taken a leave of absence after being caught exaggerating his roles in various state- and military-worshipping news stories. Dale Steinreich of Lewrockwell.com writes today (Feb. 10, 2015) to remind us that Brian Williams previously used news content generated by the Lewrockwell.com site without properly crediting the libertarian site.

NBC, like its sister networks MSNBC and CNBC, are branches of General Electric. The Washington Post revealed in 2009 that GE was actually the largest recipient of government bailout money during the 2008-09 economic crash. This was done in secret, apparently upon the grounds that GE’s financial services arm owned a pair of small Utah banks.
NBC has a long history of smearing and/or ignoring libertarian voices, and championing government expansion and intervention into almost all things from early childhood care and education to military deployment to medical care to climate regulation.

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