Did Rachel Maddow Refuse to Pump CIA Wars? MSNBC is Paying Her $30 Million to work ONE NIGHT PER WEEK

If not for secret payments by CIA, would MSNBC even exist?

In 1975 the US Senate Church Committee found that the CIA was secretly paying major news reporters for pro-government “journalism.” Congress passed no laws prohibiting the practice. Today it is estimated that the CIA likely spends billions annually on “mainstream” “news.”

During the rollout of the Desert Storm war, MSNBC fired two of their highest-paid and highest-rated news commentators–Phil Donahue and Jesse Ventura–when the two commentators said they opposed the war. (Both were paid their entire multi-million-dollar salaries to keep quiet for as long as 3 years.)

Now–as the deep state ramps up war propaganda regarding Russia and Ukraine–MSNBC has announced that its highest-rated news analyst, Rachel Maddow, will be relegated to just one night per week (Mondays!). Maddow has historically expressed antiwar sentiments. The network has mysteriously agreed to pay Maddow her entire $30 million annual salary for a single hour of work per week.

MSNBC lost 60% of its audience among the key news demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging only 87,000 compared to 217,000 last year.

MSNBC now finishes behind such networks as MTV, Nickelodeon, A&E, and Food Network.

Viewers just won’t tune in to watch stale pro-government propaganda.

Meanwhile, other “mainstream” (government supported, government supporting) “news” shows are struggling to attract an audience. Earlier this week it was reported that CNN had spent almost $400 million to launch a new “CNNPlus” streaming network; which has garnered fewer than 10,000 subscribers.