“The Left” abandons all pretense of civil liberties

Majority of Democrats want to imprison unvaccinated. 48% want to censor criticism of government health programs–with CRIMINAL penalties

Yes you read that right. 48% of Democrats now desire to imprison or fine those who criticize government vaxx programs or “public health” agenda.

And THE VAST MAJORITY (59%) of Democrats want to confine those who defy ‘vaccination’ in their homes.

Gone are the days when the American ‘Left’ had a large civil liberties contingent. Today they want to silence or imprison their opposition by force. As Democrats have ascended in government, they now throw off the veil of civil liberties that formerly hid their dark intentions.
59% of Democrats support government forcing Americans to remain confined in their homes if they refuse the COVID vaccine
47% of Democrats support government “contact tracing” whereby government interrogates, surveils and tracks down everyone who associates with people who “test positive,” and imprisons all of them.
More than one-quarter of Democrats say parents should lose custody of their children if they refuse the COVID vaccine.
These are the results of a Rasmussen/Heartland Institute poll dated Jan. 13, 2022.