Fanatical government truster arrested for death threats over “net neutrality”

During the Obama years, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a tyrannical step to take over control of the internet.

They called it “net neutrality”–and it was promoted as an idea to equalize internet access and stop evil internet corporations from charging different rates for different streaming speeds.

Under the ‘net neutrality’ regulations, internet providers would need to be government licensed, and government agents would monitor and control internet traffic and content.

Many fanatical government trusters were tricked into believing that internet corporations had plans to charge the rich less than the poor, or to boost corporations over individuals, or something.

Government agencies, and THE LARGEST CORPORATIONS (acting mostly in secret, in an effort to keep competition down) were quite successful in drumming up support for the net neutrality scam.

When Trump became president, the FCC switched to Republican control, and Trump’s pick for FCC chair Ajit Pai, decided to abolish the ‘net neutrality’ idea. Pai pointed out that in the two years of net neutrality, investment in internet ingenuity had decreased significantly.

The internet was free again.

Fanatical government trusters were outraged. Pai and other anti-net-neutrality voices became targets of death threats.

Now one fanatical government truster has been arrested for sending an email to Pai saying “I will find your children and I will kill them.” See here.