Pro-government news sources decry the influence of “fake news”


Once again, there is a major push among government trusters to censor anti-government or alternative news. Pro-government forces who decry the election of Donald Trump two weeks ago are blaming the increasing influence of alternative news sources.

They couldn’t force voters to view their tired, old, dying pro-government “news” sources.

Now pro-government sources are launching formal efforts to ban real, anti-government news-calling it “fake news.” See here:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Friday laid out the latest steps by his company to weed out fake news, amid growing criticism over the possible impact misinformation on the social network had on swaying the U.S. presidential election outcome.

The company has found itself thrust at the center of the debate on fake news, with even U.S. President Barack Obama lamenting the spread of misinformation on the social media platform. A report released earlier this week showed that more Facebook users engaged with misleading stories than real, mainstream reporting.