Missourian criminally prosecuted for “[meeting] with legislators,” “testif[ying]” before the Missouri legislature, and “appear[ing] as a witness before committees”


Our masters in government repeatedly tell us we are to be “engaged” in politics. But when citizens “engage” in efforts to limit or rein in government–especially when such citizens become successful–they are increasingly subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

In Missouri, a citizen activist named Ron Calzone, who bills himself as a “citizen lobbyist,” has been fined $1,000 by the Missouri Ethics Commission for failing to register as a lobbyist.

Calzone IS NOT A LOBBYIST in any normal sense. He does not get paid by anyone to “lobby” the legislature.

Increasingly, the act of . . . , well, activism, is becoming a crime; especially when one’s activism promotes criticism of the almighty state.

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