Apr 13

Baltimore Cops Ran Over a Running Victim with a Car, then Planted a BB Gun on him

On March 26, 2014, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, the leader of Baltimore’s disgraced Gun Trace Task Force, called fellow Sgt. Keith Gladstone, saying he had run over an arrestee. Jenkins asked Gladstone to bring him a toy gun to plant on the injured “arrestee.” Many cops carry “throwdown” weapons in their patrol cars for just such occasions. But Jenkins was out of such plantable objects.

Sgt. Gladstone and a detective named Carmine Vignola drove to the home of another Baltimore cop, Robert Hankard, who volunteered a BB gun for planting on the innocent victim (Demetric Simon). The pair then rushed to the scene where Gladstone planted the fake gun on Simon.

Later, all four cops lied, falsely testified and drafted false police reports to cover up their lawless acts. Simon spent 317 days in jail on fraudulent weapons charges.

But years later the case unraveled, and by 2018 all 4 officers were testifying against each other in federal court proceedings. Gladstone is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to planting the BB gun at the scene. He faces up to 10 years in prison. Jenkins was sentenced in 2018 to 25 years in prison. Vignola received an 18-month prison sentence last year after pleading guilty to lying to a grand jury.

Demetric Simon is suing the cops for $17 million.

Now Detective Hankard has been convicted by a jury of falsely testifying to a federal grand jury in a federal investigation and falsifying an application for a search warrant and subsequent police report related to the search of an apartment.

The case has revealed perjury by Baltimore cops in OTHER cases. And it has been revealed that many Baltimore cops are paid more than public records indicate.

Apr 11

Peer-Reviewed Study finds Chinese Prisoners are being Killed for their Organs

A peer-reviewed study by Matthew P. Robertson and Jacob Lavee, “Execution by organ procurement: Breaching the dead donor rule in China,”
has appeared in the April 2022 American Journal of Transplantation.

“We find evidence in 71 of these reports, spread nationwide, that brain death could not have properly been declared. In these cases, the removal of the heart during organ procurement must have been the proximate cause of the donor’s death. Because these organ donors could only have been prisoners, our findings strongly suggest that physicians in the People’s Republic of China have participated in executions by organ removal.”

Apr 07

Obamacare After 12 Years: More Spending and Lower Life Expectancy

Remember the promises made by government officials to promote Obamacare? “You can keep your doctor”; “The average family would save $1,500 per year,” etc.?
It was all a lie. After 12 years of Obamacare, hospital prices have increased more than three times faster than general inflation over the past two decades. As health costs have risen, insurance premiums have correspondingly soared, even as plan deductibles have risen dramatically. In 2020, health care spending was 19.7 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product, a 6.4 percentage point increase and 48 percent increase from the 13.3 percent of U.S. GDP expended on health care in 2000.

The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman quotes Paragon Health Institute’s Brian Blase testifying before House committees in February.
Health outcomes have recently stagnated despite the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) new spending and the significant expansion of Medicaid. American life expectancy was lower in 2019 than it was in 2013, before the ACA’s coverage and spending provisions took effect.
Freeman paused here for emphasis — “More spending and lower life expectancy.”

Apr 03

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Attorney General William Barr ordered investigators to drop investigations into 2020 election fraud, warning them privately they were interfering with a federal investigation. Then Barr announced to the public that there was no election fraud in 2020!

We all remember the puzzling story of USPS contract truck driver Jesse Morgan, who testified under oath that on October 21, 2020 (about 10 days prior to the election), he drove a truck from Bethpage, NY to Lancaster, PA. Several things about Morgan’s trip were suspicious, so at one point Morgan opened his trailer and examined its contents.

Inside the trailer were boxes filled with an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed Pennsylvania ballots. And he had shipped the ballots across three state lines. It was obviously evidence of a crime, but while Morgan was away the trailer disappeared. USPS officials in Lancaster even refused to provide Morgan with written paperwork regarding his trip.

Later, the day after election night, PA election officials announced that Trump’s 6-figure lead over Biden in the presidential race in PA had suddenly disappeared as over 100,000 Biden votes miraculously appeared.

After Morgan went public, FBI and USPS agents repeatedly intimidated him and threatened him with criminal prosecution!

We have since learned that the U.S. Attorney for eastern PA tried to open an investigation but that he was quickly stopped by US Attorney General Bill Barr who ordered him to stop investigating and to make no public statements about the matter.

Now we learn more details from former US Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, who investigated the Jesse Morgan matter after the election. Shaffer worked with a law enforcement agency in Virginia as well as the “Amistad” think tank associated with Republicans in PA who were then preparing election challenges in PA.

Shaffer contacted former US Attorney General Ed Meese, who contacted William Barr about wanting the DOJ to assist in the investigation. Within minutes of Meese’s phone call to Barr, Barr personally phoned Shaffer. Barr demanded that Shaffer stop investigating and warned Shaffer that Shaffer was interfering with a DOJ investigation! Then Barr demanded that Shaffer reveal the location of Morgan (who was then hiding in a safehouse).

Soon after, Morgan was “turned over” to the USPS. He has never been heard from again and has apparently been either paid off or threatened into silence (or killed).

Then on December 1, William Barr publicly announced that the Justice Department had found no evidence of election fraud in 2020. The press widely publicized Barr’s proclamation.

Now the USPS refuses to release its report of the Jesse Morgan matter.

Twitter and YouTube have now removed all videos of Jesse Morgan’s speeches, statements and testimony after they were viewed more than a million times. You can see this here.

Apr 03

Germany now defines criticism of government as “hate speech” and is rounding up a hundred dissidents over anti-government posts

Berlin. The Gateway Pundit reports that The German government has begun prosecuting its citizens for thought crimes, raiding the homes of hundreds of Germans who have allegedly leveled insults against politicians online.

In an effort to prosecute”criminal content” contained in over 600 statements posted on the internet, Federal Criminal police raided scores of apartments and houses for incriminating evidence on Tuesday and interrogated 100 people across 13 German states for allegedly posting hateful remarks against elected officials and question the results of the 2021 federal election, the German news publication Der Spiegel reports.
“The basis for these investigations is Section 188 of the Criminal Code (StGB), which was revised in spring 2021 and makes insults, slander and defamation of people in political life particularly punishable,” the statement reads. “Public officials and elected representatives are given special criminal protection under [Section]188 StGB, regardless of the political level, against hate postings.”
Those in the country who continue to violate Germany’s speech laws will be held accountable, cautioned President of the Federal Criminal Police Office Holger Münch.

“Freedom of expression reaches its limits as soon as defamation, insults and threats are involved. With the action day, we are making it clear: Anyone who posts hate messages must expect the police to be at the door afterward,” Münch said, adding federal authorities will “also works intensively against hatred and hate speech on the Internet outside of such days of action.”

Apr 01

New Event: May 1st: “Survival Auto Maintenance,” Bozeman, Montana

Lysander Spooner University will sponsor a live clinic on “Survival Auto Maintenance” on Sunday, May 1 at 1:00 pm in Bozeman, Montana. Location is yet to be determined, but will likely be in the parking lot of a Bozeman auto parts store so that we can easily acquire parts to repair the cars.

Bring your cars that need work. If we have enough participants we will separate into repair teams that will race each other to repair cars. All will be supervised by some of Montana’s top survival mechanics.

This will be a hands-on educational experience, open to everyone. Homeschoolers are welcome to participate. All ages welcome.

The government is actively waging war on our rights to travel freely by automobile. Congress has recently enacted laws requiring new cars to be made with computer devices allowing the government to shut them down remotely at any time.

Governments worldwide are actively seeking to abolish petroleum powered vehicles, and to require everyone to use electric vehicles, which government can more easily control.

Mar 31

Nine Percent of Children Attempted Suicide Under COVID Lockdowns

The New York Times, which fiercely promoted the government’s COVID-19 “pandemic” agenda throughout 2020 and 2021, is now out with an article about a CDC study.

The study found that lockdowns and “zoom” schooling from home left many American children vulnerable to abuse, depression and hunger.

Nine percent of children in the survey reported they attempted suicide during COVID-19 restrictions.

Twenty-nine percent of those interviewed in the survey reported that a parent or another adult in the home lost a job, and 24 percent said that they had experienced hunger.

55.1 percent of teenage respondents saying they suffered emotional abuse from a parent or another adult in their house in the preceding year, and 11.3 percent saying they suffered physical abuse.

Continue rea

Mar 28

Canada has fallen. Censorship, arrests of opposition leaders, vaxx passports, imprisonment of dissidents, seizure of property and bank accounts without warrant

OTTAWA — Randy Hillier, an independent member of Ontario’s legislature, surrendered to Ottawa police on Monday to face nine charges related to trucker convoy protests against pandemic measures in the nation’s capital. Among the charges is one for assaulting police officers. The charge appears to be based on a momentary incident in which Hillier allegedly moved a single bicycle rack barricade where officers stood a dozen feet away.

Canadian authorities have now seized bank accounts of dozens of protestors—without any court proceedings, charges or other due process. Canadian authorities have even blocked crowdfunding efforts of protestors, and apparently pocketed money intended for protestors.

Those in Canada who refuse (or in some cases, criticize) Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 injections are now completely unable to travel using any public transportation. They are essentially prisoners within Canada. At least two Canadians have been arrested in Montana trying to escape by walking over the border in freezing conditions.

And today, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly announced that Canada must regulate the internet to curb Russian disinformation. A federal ban on Kremlin-funded TV is not enough, said Joly: “My mandate as foreign minister is really to counter propaganda online.”

Canada is not even at war with Russia.

Mar 27

Can the 1st Amendment Survive? America’s legal profession is rapidly embracing support for censorship

A Boston College Law School professor recently asked his students (in a constitutional law class): “Who does not think we should scrap the constitution?” Not a single person raised their hand.

We at Lysander Spooner University are very cognizant of critiques of the U.S. Constitution. Spooner famously authored one of history’s greatest essays, “The Constitution of No Authority,” which pointed out that no one should ever be bound by a document he didn’t sign himself.

But a recent essay by Aaron Sibarium highlights the increasing “left” or “woke” orientation of today’s law students. They do not detest the Constitution because it wasn’t signed by the current generation; they despise it because it was authored by white males and emphasizes such ‘white supremacist’ notions as property rights and (some) individual liberties. (The big-government portions of the Constitution appear to be the only parts that modern law students WOULD embrace.)

Sibarium’s detailed report, “The Takeover of America’s Legal System,” documents the increasingly Marxist, totalitarian orientation of current law students–and their professors.

Thomas Sowell has remarked that modern students can attend school from kindergarten to graduate school without ever hearing a single anti-government lecture. Today’s higher (and lower) education institutions teach a constant curriculum of pro-government, pro-socialist ideology.

Law students who do not embrace the new leftism face “social death” among their peers. Conservative or libertarian speakers at modern law schools are now shouted down at some schools–including Yale Law School. The American Bar Association now REQUIRES accredited law schools to teach critical race theory and other pro-government theories.

Mar 20

Idaho CPS agents take baby from parents after mom misses a single doctor visit

America has become a land of medical kidnappings and child trafficking by government “health” workers. Today it is common for government agents to take babies and toddlers from families if authorities notice crayon scribbling on a wall, messy or dirty bedrooms, refrigerators with too little (or too much) food, or untidy organization of toys, clothes or other household items.

One of the most common ways for parents to lose their children to the state occurs when parents fail to obey or follow suggestions by medical authorities.

Last week, a 10-month-old boy in Meridian, Idaho, “Baby Cyrus,” was taken by police and CPS workers after Cyrus’ mom canceled a single doctor visit. (Baby Cyrus had been slightly underweight, which had prompted the mother to seek medical advice days earlier.)

After protestors arrived at the CPS office by the dozens, authorities surrendered Baby Cyrus back to the parents.

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