Feb 06

Microsoft’s “NewsGuard” tool to ‘weed out fake news’ is controlled entirely by Deep State Operatives

Over the past two years, major government-supporting media have (simultaneously, it seems) pronounced a need to cleanse their platforms of “fake news.”

This push seems to correspond with Deep State investigations into “Russia collusion,” marginalization of Julian Assange and Wikileaks and a general effort by the establishment to limit public discourse to the confines of “mainstream news.”

Major tech platforms such as Youtube, Google, Twitter and Facebook have culled and censored hundreds of libertarian and right-of-center content sources. Much of this self-censorship seems, on the surface, to be against the self-interests of the platforms themselves. When Youtube banned Alex Jones Infowars programming, it was banning THE MOST VISITED CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE.

Now, Breitbart News is investigating Microsoft’s latest “anti-fake-news” operation (which Microsoft calls “NewsGuard”).

It turns out NewsGuard’s ‘experts’ on identifying ‘fake news’ are all ENTRENCHED DEEP STATE OPERATIVES who have been caught spreading fake news themselves.

NewsGaurd has banned many barely-edgy content sources as purveyors of fake news, including even Drudge Report, Breitbart and the Daily Mail.

Most mainstream outlets, even those with a record of publishing fake news, are rated as reliable sources of information.

According to Bretibart, “NewsGuard has also rated stories which have been proven to be fake news as trustworthy, while rating the fact-checking articles of those news pieces as untrustworthy.”

As reported by Breitbart News’ John Nolte, some fake news stories rated as trustworthy by NewsGuard include, “Rolling Stone’s 2014 hoax about a gang rape at the University of Virginia (UVA),” “BuzzFeed’s debunked lie about President Trump telling his then-personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress,” “The Washington Post’s debunked hoax about Russia hacking Vermont’s utility grid,” “The lie about first lady Melania Trump being an illegal alien,” and “The lie about Trump changing the name of Black History Month.”

“NewsGuard’s board is packed with neoconservative figures and former U.S. intelligence operatives, most of whom are alumni from the administrations of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.”

One member of NewsGuard’s advisory board, General Michael Hayden, previously worked as a National Security adviser where he argued incessantly for greater government surveillance over the U.S. population.

Feb 05

Socialist elite of Venezuela live like kings while the population starves

The London Daily Mail is out with a scandalous report on the children of Venezuela’s socialist “leaders.” See here.

“The rich kids of Venezuela’s socialist elite know nothing of the misery their parents have wreaked on their country.”

“Socialist revolution leader Hugo Chavez’s oldest daughter Maria Gabriela is rumoured to be Venezuela’s richest woman, with a personal fortune of more than 4 billion dollars, hidden in bank accounts Europe.”

While the people of Venezuela dig through garbage cans for food and survival, the children of the country’s socialist leadership are known to blow $45,000 for hotel stays in Paris and Madrid.

Feb 03

Venezuela’s internet goes down during anti-government speeches and protests

Venezuela’s socialist government regulates and licenses all internet providers.

During recent anti-government protests and speeches by President Maduro’s political challenger, the internet went down for most of the country’s subjects.

See here.

Feb 02

Venezuelan death squads have killed over 500

Just 50 years ago, Venezuela was one of the 6 wealthiest countries on earth. Its people enjoyed the highest standard of living in Latin America.

Then around 2000, Venezuelans began voting for socialism.

Now millions have fled the socialist hellhole. Hundreds of thousands have died of hunger and disease.

New York Times reports that Venezuelan dictator Maduro is now deploying death squads to crush dissent and eliminate those who attend protests against him.

Feb 02

McClatchy Newspapers announces 500 job cuts

McClatchy has been an organ of government deception and propaganda for years

The McClatchy newspaper chain, which owns the Miami Herald and many other government-supporting newspapers, continues to lose subscribers and influence.

This week the newspaper chain announced it is cutting 500 jobs–ten percent of its workforce.

The chain has pushed socialism, taxes, and government growth for decades. Recently unclassified documents show that Miami Herald reporters worked as CIA propaganda operatives during the Cold War.

Feb 02

Wall Street Journal publishes article on federal employees “considering leaving government work”; can’t identify A SINGLE employee who actually left

During the recent federal “government shutdown,” hundreds of news stories reported on the tearful plight of federal “workers” who were temporarily laid off.

Hundreds of good samaritans, charities and businesses offered free goodies and giveaways to the furloughed government workers. Many municipalities, school districts, and universities held job fairs specifically aimed at getting alternative jobs to laid-off federal employees.

Now, a week after the “shutdown” ended (and all the furloughed employees are getting huge backpay checks), the Wall Street Journal has published a news story entitled: “During Shutdown, Federal Employees Considered Leaving Government Work.” The subtitle: “Budget fight and resulting worker furloughs touched off wave of searches on job websites.”

The news story painstakingly detailed results of “surveys” of government workers indicating they “considered” leaving government work.

But the article COULD NOT IDENTIFY A SINGLE federal employee who actually took another job instead of returning to the government after the “shutdown” ended.

Federal workers are generally paid two- to three times what they would make for the same work in the private sector. Their benefit packages include weeks of paid vacation annually and extravagant health and retirement benefits.

Jan 29

The next Paris will be Australia: voters’ patience with “climate change” impositions is wearing thin

CENTRAL PLANNERS WORLDWIDE WERE STARTLED weeks ago when the voters of France descended onto Paris streets wearing government-mandated yellow vests in a massive protest against the French government’s numerous carbon taxes enacted (supposedly) to “fight” manmade global warming.

The yellow vest protests brought the French government to its knees. French president Macron was forced to rescind some (but not all) of his “climate change” impositions.

Worldwide, the promoters of apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 hysteria have identified their greatest enemy: voters.

Promoters of the hysteria are now rethinking about how to impose their will upon others.

In Australia, the central planners have enacted one “climate” tax and regulation after another.

According to Joanne Nova, Australia Wins The Global Patsy Award for 2019. Australia is doing more, paying more, suffering more and yet will make almost no difference to the global emissions tally in anything other than a purely symbolic impress-your-dinner–guests kind of way.

Australian energy prices have spiked along with its carbon taxes and regulations. Consequently, at least three recent Australian prime ministers have been removed by popular outrage in recent years.

Expect further uprisings in the near future.

Jan 24

“Mainstream” journalism sheds another thousand jobs

With the rise of credible “alternative” news sources, consumers will no longer pay for pro-government “mainstream” “news” content.

Yesterday, Verizon Media announced cost-cutting efforts at a wide variety of its media holdings. Buzzfeed, Gannett, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost and other “mainstream” (meaning government supported and supporting) all laid off employees.

See here.

On a related note, all Microsoft-programming mobile devices will soon come equipped with browser programming which automatically filters out “unreliable” “news” sources. In practice this will almost certainly mean that alternative, non-government-approved information will be shadow banned.

Jan 24

Newsweek published a climate change article saying certain Mexican glaciers had disappeared; it failed to mention that the disappearance was caused by volcanic eruptions.

Global warming alarmists routinely predict that permanent ice and snow in the Arctic and Antarctic will soon disappear. But before Climate Change makes the glaciers near the poles disappear, it must first melt the glaciers in the tropics.

Yes, there are actually many glaciers and permanent snowfields in the mountain ranges between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Indeed there are glaciers near the summit of Kilimanjaro just a few miles from the equator.

There are some two dozen glaciers in Mexico, all of which are south of the Tropic of Cancer. Just as with elsewhere, prevailing news reports have predicted that the Mexican glaciers will all disappear within the next two decades. A March 30, 2018 Newsweek article entitled “Glaciers in Mexico may Disappear Completely by 2023, Scientist Warns,” quoted Mexican glaciologist Hugo Delgado Granados as saying that all ice bodies on Iztaccihuatl (Mexico’s 3rd-highest mountain) will likely disappear “in five or 10 years.” Thus, by 2023 to 2028.

The same Newsweek article stated that “glaciers atop Popocatépetl [Mexico’s 2nd-highest peak] had become extinct” by 2001. Readers are left with the impression that climate change is to blame for this “extinction.” But Popocatepetl’s massive volcano erupted in 1994, blasting all glaciers on the mountain to smithereens. Numerous eruptions since then have kept glacier activity on the mountain to a minimum. The Mexican government has banned all climbing on Popocatepetl since 1994.
The omission of this most basic fact—that Popocatepetl’s glaciers became “extict” not from climate change but from volcanic eruptions—can only be described as misleading.

Jan 21

Nicaragua’s most famous journalist flees to Costa Rica

Nicaragua’s socialist government has been terrorizing newspaper and TV reporters for the past two years. Armed raids of news stations has become a fixture of life in Nicaragua.

Now even Carlos Fernando Chamorro–the most famed reporter in the country, and an heir to the prominent conservative family which formerly ruled the country–has gone into exile citing President Ortega’s media crackdown. Armed police raided and ransacked his newsroom in what experts called the latest chapter of the country’s slide into autocracy under President Daniel Ortega.

See here.

(The assassination of Chamorro’s grandfather, popular newspaper editor Pedro Joaquín Chamorro in 1978, ignited the country in days of rioting.)

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