Mar 26

Government of Big Timber, Montana–population 1,600–spends $5.6 million on new water treatment plant

Government-provided water is often polluted, dirty, and toxic, despite its exorbitant cost.

Yet government trusters tend to defy water privatization to their dying breath.

The town council of Big Timber, Montana recently voted to spend $5.6 million–approximately $3,400 for every man, woman and child in the town–for a new water treatment facility.

Big Timber is nestled between two large, clean rivers (the Yellowstone and the Boulder).

Mar 26

Mass murder at gay night club was committed by undercover FBI

New evidence suggests the FBI may have staged the 2016 mass murder at the gay “Pulse” nightclub in Orlando to spur gun control and anti-Muslim sentiment.

At the time of the 2016 massacre of some 49 gay nightclub attendees, the government-supporting, or “mainstream,” press reported the event as a Muslim hate crime or terrorist attack. There were hints, however, that the event may have been something of a false-flag operation; and ultimately, the mass-media mostly dropped the story.

Now it has come out that the government concealed evidence in a federal criminal trial showing that the alleged shooter was an FBI asset. The shooter’s father was a long-time FBI informant who regularly made anti-gay speeches and statements. (The father’s supposed anti-gay sentiments are now called into question as potential false-flag staging.)

Mar 26

Philadelphia sewage flows directly into City drinking water

Drinking water delivered by municipal governments is often dirtier and more toxic than water from any other source.

And when one does the math, one almost always finds that government-provided drinking water is vastly more expensive (in the aggregate) than private-sector alternatives.

Now there is news that the City of Philadelphia’s public water supplies are cross-connected to the City’s sewer lines in numerous instances. See here.

Mar 23

Government officials poisoned the drinking water of Flint, Michigan; now a lawsuit alleges that donation money was diverted to the mayor’s political account.

The Government of Flint, Michigan knowingly poisoned the public drinking water with lead.

And when numerous tests (of both the government drinking water and the blood lead levels of children in the City) showed high lead levels, the government officials concealed and covered up their crimes.

When the poisoned water became a major news story, some government leaders exploited political divisions. Democrats (who controlled every office in Flint) blamed the Republican governor some 50 miles away in Lansing.

Donation money poured in from concerned citizens everywhere. The donations were intended to fix the polluted government water system.

But now a lawsuit alleges that the mayor of Flint diverted donation money intended to fix the water crises into a political account supporting the mayor. See here.

Mar 22

Americans now taxed and regulated at record levels

Today’s government officials and employees live like kings among starving peasants. Many have second homes and barely work more than a couple hours per day.

Meanwhile many Americans struggle for daily existence. Many dwell in trailers, RVs or in homeless camps.

A new report shows that Americans now pay record levels of state, federal and local taxes. State and local property and income taxes have hit record highs.

Mar 22

Mythical “Austerity” “Comes to an End” as Republicans Continue Spending Orgy

“Austerity” means cuts in government spending and/or benefits. The word often appears in mainstream news reports and on the lips of politicians who decry it.

Yet austerity has not been seen in any western government anywhere in the world in generations. The governments of all western countries have grown and grown in relation to their private sectors.

The western world (and much of the eastern and developing worlds for that matter) are choking on government programs, policies, cops and soldiers.

Roughly half of the people in most western countries survive at the expense of the other half, by means of government control and redistribution.

In the U.S. the voters have repeatedly voted for politicians who promised to cut government size, scope and power. Now all 3 branches of the federal government and the vast majority of state governments are dominated by “conservatives” who were elected to cut government.

But government seems to win every time despite the will of the people. Now the U.S. Congress is approving yet another record-setting spending bill.

“The Republicans’ massive $1.3 trillion “omnibus” spending bill has at least one enthusiastic fan: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Schumer proudly proclaimed Thursday that the deal shows that America’s “era of austerity” has “come to an end.” See here.

Mar 20

Thousands more flee California

High taxes. Overregulation. Cops everywhere.

Thousands of Californians are opting to leave.

Many of them are poor people struggling for daily survival under mountains of laws, regulations, and government programs.

This CNBC story documents the exodus. Note that the story also blames high housing costs. But the government of California has spent more on socialistic “affordable housing programs” than any other state government.

Mar 19

74 percent of Americans say a “Deep State” controls national policy

Monmouth University has conducted a poll asking Americans about their opinions of the ‘deep state.’

Republicans, Democrats and Independents all agree: a ‘deep state’ composed of unelected manipulators secretly controls national policy from behind the scenes.

in all, 74 percent of Americans say a deep state is driving national policymaking. See here.

Mar 18

South Australians vote to oust climate-change apocalyptists

“Climate change” hysteria is the quintessential issue of wealthy elites; yet those who promote it present it as a grass-roots movement fighting ‘big money’ corporations.

Government trusters know their fanatical apocalyptic climate claims are unsupported by voting majorities. So they employ various techniques to try to get around this problem.

They frequently claim that evil fossil-fuel companies have manipulated the masses by promoting “denial.” As such, they mix their climate hysteria with hysterical claims about political influence and the need for “campaign finance reform.” (And when their most-heavily-funded candidates lose elections to lesser-funded candidates, they concoct other theories, such as “Russians.”)

Total dollars spent on “climate skepticism” institutions are probably less than a penny on the dollar compared to total spending designed to promote the government theory of manmade-global-warming-by-CO2.

Now the South Australians have voted overwhelmingly to oust the politicians promoting the government climate hysteria.See here.

In the U.S., the politicians who most hysterically promote the climate-change theory frequently speak to empty chambers. Here is a story about Rhode Island’s U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who often gives speeches on both climate hysteria and campaign-finance issues (generally mixing the two issues together–as he must) to empty halls.

Mar 17

More layoffs at pro-government newspapers

The pro-government Denver Post employed 600 reporters a decade ago. Last week the paper announced it would soon be cutting its news staff from 90 to about 60.

The Chicago Tribune also laid off Fourteen newsroom staffers this week.

Last month, the San Jose Mercury News was hit with another round of terminations, as many as 27 staffers were either laid off or bought out.

In late January, the East Bay Times wiped out a quarter of its editorial staff through layoffs and buy outs — a total of 28 staffers.

Government supporting (and supported) newspapers continue to lose paying readers and subscribers. See here.

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