Aug 02

New Speakers Announced for August 12 Symposium

Amazing roster of speakers and lecturers for Lysander Spooner University’s “Despotism and Defiance” Conference.

Saturday, August 12, Las Vegas, Nevada downtown, 1217 S. 4th Street, just north of the Stratosphere at “Camp Liberty.”

Nationally recognized researchers and activists will discuss current threats to American liberty.

$7 at the door appreciated.

Maureen Peltier, army veteran turned freedom activist, will speak on recent efforts to create “Camp Liberty” in downtown Las Vegas
James (“Jamie”) Landin, liberty advocate and fellow “Camp Liberty” founder will also speak
Shelly Shelton, Tony Shelton, and Fayth Shelton, Nevada freedom advocates
Deb Jordan, producer of the Pete Santilli Show and Guerilla Media,
Shawna Cox, author and former accused Malheaur Occupier
Dr. Roger Roots, Founder of Lysander Spooner University, “The law of treason and the 1st Amendment”
John Lamb, LSU Professor of Journalism
Brand Thornton, minister, scholar and constitutional historian

Jul 31

Obamacare has caused millions to lose health care. Many have died.

“Obama and those in his administration knew that more than 40%-67% of those people in the individual market would likely lose their plans” at the time they were pushing Obamacare.

The Act has already added hundreds of billions of dollars to America’s national debt.

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that between 2012 and 2022, the cost of Obamacare would be twice as expensive as the $900 billion price tag that Obama placed upon it.”

Proponents of the Act promised insurance premiums would go down. But premiums have increased in all 50 states. “In 42 states, premiums increased by triple-digit percentages for the lowest priced coverage.” See here.

In 33 of 50 states, there are fewer insurers than before Obamacare. And numerous people have died due to the Act.

Jul 31

The FDA has killed millions, saved only a few thousand

Government programs and agencies always achieve the very opposite of their stated purposes.

Antipoverty programs impoverish. “National security” efforts make societies less secure. Health and safety regulations make people less healthy and safe.

Here is a website dedicated to tallying the numbers of Americans who have died because of FDA-approved drugs, vaccines and medical devices. These deaths (820,000) are ADMITTED by the FDA itself.

Of course, for every acknowledged death there are numerous more which go unnoticed or not properly attributed. The site suggests that actual numbers of deaths from FDA-approved medications is likely 5 to 100 times greater.

Mind you, the FDA (“Food and Drug Administration”) was started to ensure that pills and medical products are safe and government-inspected.

Also, the numbers of people killed by FDA-approved medications probably pales in comparison to the numbers who have died BECAUSE THE FDA PREVENTED LIFE-SAVING TREATMENTS AND MEDICATIONS FROM COMING TO MARKET. This figure is certainly in the millions.

Experts say that getting FDA approval to market a new drug or device costs a company HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars, if not a billion dollars.

Jul 29

Announcing new symposium: “Despotism and Defiance,” Saturday, Aug. 12, Las Vegas, NV

Lysander Spooner University proudly announces a new scholarly symposium tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 12 at “Camp Liberty Annex,” 1217 4th Street, downtown Las Vegas, NV.

Stimulating lectures, debates, and networking.

Speakers to include:

* Maureen Peltier, freedom activist

* James “Jamie” Landin,

* Dr. Roger Roots

* (others to be announced).

Tentatively scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

Bring your lawn chairs and your open minds; and prepare to be inspired and informed!

Unlike many modern, government-supported universities, Lysander Spooner University will never impose a speech code.

$7 at the door much appreciated.

Jul 28

Congress passes “bipartisan” bill to grow government by subsidizing hearing aids

Republicans have been winning elections for years with promises to limit government. They now control the majority of legislatures and governor’s mansions across the country as well as both branches of the U.S. Congress, the presidency and (arguably) the majority of judgeships (at the state levels, at least).

The people want cuts in government, taxation, and regulation.

Yet “Last week, a Hearing Aid Bill passed in the house and the Over-the-Counter-Hearing Aid Act of 2017 has been presented in the Senate.” See here.

This bill will subsidize hearing aids. Although it is presented with claims that this will bring prices down, THE MOST BASIC LAWS OF ECONOMICS HOLD THAT IT WILL MAKE HEARING AIDS MORE EXPENSIVE.

Just like Medicare, Medicaid and other laws which subsidize “health care,” this proposal will increase demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. People who would not otherwise purchase a hearing aid will line up to get them. Manufacturers will have a new captive market, and will lose incentives to produce cheaper, high-quality products.

Jul 26

Government’s War on the Poor: More than 1/3 of Households have No Savings

Government policies punish savers so much that it is utterly foolish to save even a penny. Near-zero interest rates. “Social Security” payroll taxes. Medicare and Medicaid. Obamacare. Market-entry barriers such as occupational licensing laws.

Government policies incentivize Americans to work less, build less, create less, save less, be unhealthy, sick and weak.

“Nearly 20 million U.S. households (16.9 percent of the total) have zero or negative net worth. That means they owe more than they own.”

See here.

Jul 23

Collapsing Chicago Public Schools Seeking to Force Rural Illinois Property Owners to Pay $17 BILLION Debt

The Chicago Public School District is $17 BILLION in debt. (That figure is greater than the annual State budgets of numerous entire states combined; Chicago’s “teachers” often retire as multimillionaires in a state that has experienced years of declining household incomes.)

Years of corruption and government central planning have taken their toll. (And all measurements of school output show Chicago’s expensive schools are among the nation’s worst.)

The City’s longsuffering taxpayers have already been taxed at levels rarely seen in a modern democracy.

So to pay off the School District’s outrageous debts, a government-loving legislator is proposing a bill to force property owners in suburban and rural Illinois (who are also longsuffering) to pay. Their children do not reap the “benefits” of the Chicago public schools at all. See here.

The entire State of Illinois is in undeclared bankruptcy due to government overspending and regulation.

Property values inside the City are the HIGHEST IN THE ENTIRE MIDWEST, while those in rural and suburban Illinois are much lower. Per-capita incomes are also LOWER in many rural Illinois counties than in the City.

Stay tuned.

Jul 23

Google’s new “guidelines” call for the company’s programmers to optimize websites that represent “well established scientific consensus” and to downgrade those which are skeptical

The world’s most frequently-visited search engine, Google, has produced “guidelines” for its programmers.

Interestingly the guidelines tell programmers to optimize “High quality information pages on scientific topics” which represent “well established scientific consensus on issues where such consensus exists.” (Section 3.2)

But writer Leo Goldstein reminds us that “the allegations of “scientific consensus” are made only in one field – climate alarmism.”

In fact, everywhere else, “’Scientific consensus’ is almost an oxymoron.”

Science IS SCEPTICISM. And no “vote” can ever establish a scientific rule or fact.

Thus, it appears that Google is actively seeking to promote the government’s manmade-climate-change-by-CO2 theory, and seeking to bury skeptical information.
See here.

Jul 23

A scam collapsing before our eyes: Global warmists appear to have removed links to “data” which showed Greenland glaciers retreating

A few years back a guy named James Balog started “the Extreme Ice Survey.” He produced an award-winning video, “Chasing Ice,” which featured him cramponing around the glaciers of Greenland and Alaska with sad piano music in the background.

Balog’s theme was that he wanted to video and photograph the glaciers before they melted away.

At one time, the “Extreme Ice Survey” website had “data” locked behind a paywall, which a visitor could check out after paying by credit card.

But the website now seems to have no “data” tab. It now stresses the “art” behind its photographs, rather than its science.

Here is a report by Tony Heller about Greenland’s glaciers in 2017. THEY ARE GROWING, NOT RETREATING. (In fact, Greenland’s glaciers have been growing since 2013.)

Jul 22

Tesla: the Lobbying Firm Masquerading as a Car Maker

Governments worldwide propose “energy policies,”–subsidizing some energy firms while taxing and overregulating others. Picking winners and loses by obstructing free markets.

For decades, U.S. lawmakers have been subsidizing “alternative energy” schemes that would never work without government support. “The first justification was that internal combustion engines polluted too much. But emissions steadily declined, and today’s cars emit about 3% of what their predecessors did.”

See here.

“In recent months, Tesla sales plunged to nearly zero in Hong Kong and Denmark, as huge government subsidies were eliminated.”

The same thing will soon happen in the United States, so some government bodies (such as the California legislature) are seeking to maintain massive artificial supports for Tesla and other electric “car makers.”

A 2015 study found the richest 20% of Americans received 90% of hundreds of millions in taxpayer EV subsidies. Thus, such subsidies represent a massive transfer of wealth from poor people to rich people.

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