Jun 16

Extravagant pay of millionaire cops finally in the spotlight

America has become a two-tiered, almost feudal society, with millionaire government “workers” living in mansions making extravagant wages and pensions while private sector Americans struggle to survive.

Throughout the 2020 coronavirus “pandemic,” no government employee anywhere lost a single paycheck, while they commanded millions of others to lose theirs.

Now at last the luxurious lifestyles and pay of cops is coming under notice. The New York Post recently ran a story about Port Authority officers (who police New York’s ports and airports) making over $300,000 annually. The top earner, Regina Womack, pulled in $423,467–more than the U.S. President.

The New York Times ran a story about the extravagant pay of California’s cops. “In 2015, five San Jose police officers each made more than $400,000,” as did other cops around the state.

More than half of Contra Costa County, California’s 150 county employees make over $300,000 annually. Median household (not per-capita) income in the county is $80,000.

In Massachusetts, 245 state troopers made over $200,000 annually.

The hefty pay of these millionaire cops is often padded with overtime hours. Often, cops exaggerate their overtime and submit the bills to private arenas and road construction companies, who are intimidated into subsidizing the jet-set lifestyles of police. Three Louisville, Kentucky officers were convicted of lying about overtime in 2020. They told a federal judge that padding and lying about overtime is part of police culture.

Long-suffering taxpayers must pay not only the wages and massive pensions of officers. They are on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in payouts for police abuses. In 2019, rampaging millionaire cops cost taxpayers over $300 million in litigation payouts.

Jun 15

Gallup poll shows American pride has fallen to record lows

U.S. government spending grew by record amounts in the past four months. President Trump set new records as history’s biggest spending politician. Governors throughout the United States dove to new levels of power–controlling the movements, housing, occupations, business lives, shopping choices, and spending of every non-government resident.

For the first time in history, American governors ordered healthy people quarantined; for months. These governors willingly collapsed their own state economies, supposedly to resist the spread of coronavirus–a disease which kills no more than 4/10ths of 1 percent of those infected by it.

Americans didn’t even muster a warning shot. They submitted and obeyed.

It was not until May 26 that the first spraypaint was seen on a cop car anywhere in the U.S. (and that was in response to the government killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis).

Americans’ growing shame and disgrace is now registered in a new Gallup poll showing that just 42% of adults in the U.S. say they are “extremely proud” and just 21% say they are “very proud” to be an American. Both readings are the lowest they have been since Gallup’s initial measurement in 2001. A record 9% indicate they are “not at all proud.”

As government power, control and authority has grown to record levels, American pride has dropped to a new record low in six consecutive years.

Jun 12

CDC reports 794 “confirmed cases of COVID-19” at a nursing home with 80 beds

Federal agency caught red-handed faking coronavirus numbers

“When the administrator of the Saugus Rehab and Nursing Center in Saugus, Massachusetts, heard that a new Medicare website reported her facility had 794 confirmed cases of COVID-19 — the second highest in the country — and 281 cases among staff, she gasped.”

The facility had actually reported 45 positive tests and five deaths, with 19 positive tests among staff.

CDC recently rolled out a website purporting to show locations and numbers at nursing homes dealing with coronavirus. But according to Medpage Today, the government numbers are patently false and exaggerated.

“Officials at skilled nursing facilities around the country said Monday they were shocked to see their data reported inaccurately — wildly so in some cases.”

Southern Pointe Living Center in Colbert, Oklahoma, with 95 beds, was reported to have had 339 residents die of COVID-19.

“We have not lost anyone nor have we had a [COVID-19] case in the building,” said a woman identifying herself as an assistant at Southern Pointe but who declined to give her full name.

Dellridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Paramus, New Jersey was reported to have 753 deaths– the most COVID-19 deaths of any nursing home in the country.

That number is “insanely wrong,” Jonathan Mechaly, Dellridge’s marketing director, wrote in a frantic email. “We are a 90-bed center and have had less than 20 deaths!! How do you report such inaccurate numbers?”

Smith Village in Chicago, with 100 beds, was shown to have 1,105 confirmed COVID-19 cases among residents and 955 confirmed COVID-19 cases among staff, the most in the country.

In reality, Smith Village has had only 38 positive tests and 14 deaths.


When Medpage Today contacted Medicare, the agency responded with an email blaming the faulty figures on “data submission errors.”

“Sometimes the fault was admittedly that of the facilities.” 92-bed Robison Jewish Health Center in Portland, Oregon, had no staff members die of COVID-19 but erroneously reported 8 deaths.

Jun 12

Government coronavirus regulations will deprive U.S. hospitals of $200 billion in revenue by the end of June

In alleged response to the coronavirus “pandemic”–a disease outbreak posing a death rate of around 1/10th of 1 percent, government officials throughout the United States issued decrees that all non-approved businesses must shut down and hosptials must close their doors to all patients except coronavirus or emergency patients.

Government officials claimed that hospital beds needed to be available for the huge wave of coronavirus patients that were predicted back in March.

Now, three months later, U.S. hospitals are set to lose $200 billion in revenue due to these government impositions.

According to Marketwatch, “One rural hospital in Kansas and another in West Virginia went out of business in May, and two more closed in Florida. Five are in danger of closing in Washington state.”

Jun 11

The “second wave” scam: governments amp up their panic hysteria

Between January and June 2020, governments throughout the world inflicted some of the most draconian impositions in world history upon their subjects. Governors ordered people locked inside their homes and decreed that all non-government-approved businesses must shut down, in order for governments to press their “public health” agenda regarding COVID-19

In some cases (e.g., Rhode Island), governors decreed that subjects must keep a journal of their daily activities and contacts, for government inspection. In some states, residents driving on streets or walking on sidewalks were made to show government permission slips showing that their travel was authorized for ‘essential services’ (as decreed by government).

Hundreds of Americans were arrested for violations of governors’ decrees. Many dozens of businesses went bankrupt (including Hertz, Pier 1, J. Crew and J.C. Penny), with hundreds more expected.

These government impositions depend on mass fear of coronavirus. But increasing testing shows fear of COVID-19 is mostly delusional. CDC found that death rates from COVID are comparable with the flu in all age groups.


From the beginning, government “health officials” have tried to monopolize all testing for the virus. The U.S. government has even fined and threatened innovators developing in-home testing products.

The President of Tanzania has shown that samples from pineapples and goats “test positive” for coronavirus in government labs. Early government tests couldn’t distinguish between coronavirus and water.


Throughout the imposition of the COVID scam, government “health officials” have used tricks of statistics and data manipulation to exploit fearful subjects. Half of all claimed “coronavirus deaths” are simply nursing home deaths–amidst populations with just weeks to live.

Now, governments are exploiting their growing testing efforts to claim that “cases” are on the increase. But by “cases,” they almost always just mean positive tests. Even as death rates plummet below 3/10ths of 1 percent, government officials continue to threaten a “second wave” of virus shutdowns unless subjects obediently subjugate themselves to government.

Jun 10

Washington State “health officials” kidnap newborn baby after false-positive coronavirus test of parent

UPDATE: Hospital releases baby after hundreds of protesters descend; claims Mom now tests negative

Governments worldwide have used the excuse of coronavirus to engage in extended orgies of savagery and violence against millions of victims. The State of Washington in the U.S. has been Ground Zero for some of the world’s most extreme government tyranny.

On June 8, two Olympia, Washington parents, Derick and Lindsay Wright, welcomed a newborn baby, Grayson, into this world at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Hospital officials claimed that patients cannot be released from the hospital until they are tested for coronavirus. (The tests have been repeatedly exposed as unreliable, and the president of Tanzania has shown that tissue samples from goats and pineapples have tested positive for coronavirus in lab tests.)

Shortly after giving birth, Lindsay Wright, the Mom, was said to have tested positive for COVID-19. “Her [Lindsay’s] child was immediately taken from her arms,” according to Kelli Stewart of Washington State Peoples Rights Coalition. “The husband was removed from the hospital by the police.” CPS initiated efforts to strip the Wrights of their parental rights, on grounds of COVID-19.

Not only were the Wright’s both asymptomatic. They had been self-isolating and social distancing for months.

Word got out, however, and by Wednesday, June 10, the sidewalks surrounding the hospital were swarming with protesters. Kelli Stewart of Washington State Peoples Rights, Christine Gale of Kylee’s Fight, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer Network, and many others from as far away as Portland, Oregon arrived. Hundreds more were on the way.

Then–all of a sudden–the hospital announced that upon re-testing, Lindsay Wright tested negative! The parents could be reunited with their baby!


Jun 07

Amazon tried to ban its #2 bestselling book. Elon Musk called them out. Amazon changed its mind.

Major news media and social media platforms have censored most information that casts doubt on government coronavirus claims.

Youtube’s CEO recently announced that it will remove any health-related videos which dispute claims by the World Health Organization–making Youtube, in essence, a state-controlled media arm.

Now Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller by many multiples, is also censoring and banning books which cast doubt on the hysterical coronavirus claims of world governments.

Recently, a book by Alex Berenson entitled “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns,” was banned by Amazon, with claims that the book did “not comply with our guidelines.”

Elon Musk, the famed billionaire founder of Space-X and Tesla, was alerted to the censorship via Twitter.

Musk tweeted out, “Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!” He even tagged Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the tweet.

Soon thereafter, Amazon reversed course, saying the book was now available for purchase. The book is now, according to Berenson, ranked #2 in both its Kindle and its hardcover editions.

Jun 07

COVID-19 Panic Will Bring a Painful End to Many Colleges

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the economic damage caused by governments allegedly responding to the coronavirus pandemic will soon impact America’s colleges on a major scale.

Many colleges will not survive.

Governors ordered most, if not all U.S. colleges shuttered, and all higher education delivered online over the past three months. Many colleges and universities are debating whether to reopen their campuses in the Fall of 2020. The largest university system in the country–the California system–has already announced that most of its classes will continue to be delivered online until 2021 at least.

This development has left thousands of college students to question the value of the classes they view on their computer screens. Government policies have caused tuitions to increase faster than inflation for over three decades. Many students now go in debt $200,000 or more to receive their degrees.

America’s government-supported colleges and universities spew a steady stream of pro-government extremist philosophy, “research,” and pseudoscience. Anti-government thought is mostly banned on many campuses.

Jun 07

Was the government’s COVID-19 response the biggest transfer of wealth in history?

Government Made the Rich Vastly Richer; Impoverished Millions of Others

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” stated on June 4 that The coronavirus pandemic has produced “one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.”
“This is the first recession where big business … is coming through virtually unscathed,” even as 21 million Americans are drawing unemployment.

Since March, many governors have ordered most small businesses shuttered and closed. Small businessmen who tried to stay open have been arrested, fined, and prosecuted. Unemployed Americans have been forced to obtain food and necessities from just a handful of government-approved retailers.

WalMart, Costco, Target, Amazon, and major grocery chains have had virtual monopolies, thanks to these government orders.

The stock market has recently seen record-setting gains, even as small businesses have been crushed.

In alleged response to the coronavirus, the U.S. Congress and President Trump passed the largest spending bill in world history, costing taxpayers some $2.2 trillion. The vast majority of these funds went to make government agencies LARGER.

May 30

Governments are padding coronavirus deaths massively

On May 24 the New York Times published a massive front page article, “U.S. DEATHS NEAR 100,000; AN INCALCULABLE LOSS.” It supposedly listed names of people who have died from COVID-19. The 6th name on the list was a murder victim whose funeral suffered from restrictions due to the COVID-19 panic.

The Seattle Times recently ran an article about coronavirus death totals in the State of Washington. Buried in the article is info that “About five cases involved COVID-positive people whose deaths involved gunshot wounds.”

A man in Cortez, Colorado named Sebastian Yellow died of alcohol poisoning in a city park on May 4. His death is now officially counted as a coronavirus death.


Several prominent doctors have blown the whistle on practices at some U.S. hospitals whereby officials categorize many deaths as COVID-19 deaths which were not caused by the virus. Dr. Annie Bukacek, a Montana physician who has signed death certificates for 30 years, recently said that medical directors throughout her region are pressuring doctors to write ‘coronavirus’ on death certificates–even without testing and without sufficient evidence. A directive by the Division of Vital Statistics for the National Center for Health Statistics, titled “COVID-19 Alert No. 2,” directs doctors to write COVID-19 as an underlying cause of death wherever it might be assumed, even without testing.

Hospitals are incentivized to increase their stated COVID death tolls by Medicare reimbursements of $39,000 for every proclaimed COVID death. Many hospitals and nursing homes were desperate for cash when governors forced them to close their doors to much non-COVID-related care.

Similar claims have also been made by Senator Dr. Scott Jensen from Minnesota who said Hospitals are getting paid more to list patients as COVID-19.

A viral video by two Bakersfield, California physicians, Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, also indicated that U.S. doctors are being pressured to write COVID on death certificates. The video was seen by 4 million people in late April but is now banned by Youtube. A search for the video on Google generates a list of pro-government sites criticizing the now-elusive video.

In late April, a Project Veritas reporter spoke with Michael Lanza, director of Staten Island’s Colonial Funeral Home. “To be honest with you,” said Lanza, “all of the death certificates are writing COVID on it, they’re writing COVID on all the death certificates. Whether they had a positive test or didn’t.”

Joseph Antioco, the director of Brooklyn’s Schaeffer Funeral Home, told another undercover journalist that “They’re putting everything as COVID-19, so they’re padding the numbers.” “Two weeks ago, I had a 40-year-old man that died in his house, okay? They didn’t even go to the house,” but nonetheless wrote up his death as a COVID death based on claims the deceased had a fever.

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