Nov 11

French tax authorities switch focus to monitoring “social media”

The All-Seeing Eye of the State

French tax authorities now are using a powerful new tool to identify “tax cheats”: Facebook and other social media.

Government agents scour through people’s social posts to see if people are using cars, meals, or housing which appear to be ‘outside their means.’ See here.

Nov 11

New York City SWAT raids of short-term rental industry

The Omnipotent State Strikes Again

New York City’s government imposes so many taxes and regulations on short-term lodging entrepreneurs that the City recently sent dozens of armed agents to raid a condo complex.

The accusation? That several of the condo owners were making a few bucks by lending out their condos to NYC tourists. See here.

The City recently imposed an ordinance requiring short-term-rental providers and networks such as Airbnb to notify the government of all rental transactions in the City. Government investigators also employ teams of investigators to monitor social media to identify black-market renting.

Nov 08

Another mass killing by former government employee

No group of Americans are more privileged than government “workers” and former government employees. Now another decorated former government combat veteran has opened fire on innocent private-sector Americans, killing 12.

The former Marine Corps corporal, 28-year-old Ian David Long, was likely on permanent disability checks for PTSD. On November 7, he reportedly walked into a country bar in Thousand Oaks, California and began killing private-sector Americans indiscriminately.

Just last year, a retired millionaire IRS employee, Stephen Paddock, reportedly murdered 59 country music fans at a festival in Las Vegas.

Nov 07

Campaign finance regulations place the private sector at a disadvantage

The Montana and federal constitutions supposedly guarantee equal protection of the laws.

Yet governments everywhere place campaign restrictions on private sector political campaigns. Such regulations do not apply to government advocacy.

Campaign finance regs infringe on the speech and press rights of the (nongovernment) citizenry, forcing private citizens to disclose to government every penny raised and spent by the private sector on political positions and candidates.

Yet government agencies openly promote themselves and campaign for pro-government positions. Recently in Bozeman, Montana, the Bozeman government promoted a ballot initiative designed to extract some $37 million from City residents. The City government erected signs all over the town and loudly called for voters to vote for more taxes.

According to the pro-government Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

This election season, Bozeman employees spent more than 556 hours on the center ballot initiative and the city put roughly $27,827 into getting the word out on the details of the bond. Bozeman also spent $32,263 on its latest design plans.

Montana law allows public employees and bodies to plug time, money and resources into campaign issues when it’s tied to their function.

Montana laws are so unfair that if a private resident erects a sign asking voters to vote AGAINST the proposed marble and oak government palace complex, the resident could be investigated, prosecuted and fined.

Many elected officials turn their official government websites into quasi-campaign websites–and are under no obligation to report such expenditures to the government political police. Witness the attached screenshot of the official Montana Secretary of State website. It is practically a campaign site, with “Cory Stapleton’s” name featured larger than any other print on the page. Corey Stapleton’s smiling image also dominates the website. (Any political opponent of Stapleton in future elections would need to spend thousands of dollars and disclose the source of every penny to the government.)

Nov 03

Another fake study: billionaires secretly promote libertarianism

America’s government-supporting colleges and universities spew a steady stream of pro-government academic “research.”

Recent revelations show that it is ridiculously easy to get fake “scientific” studies published in government-supported peer reviewed scholarly journals–so long as the studies support government expansion and intervention.

Now a trio of government-trusting academics have produced a “study” purporting to show that billionaires secretly promote anti-government, deregulatory agendas without saying so or doing anything directly. The evidence? Well, billionaires must promote their own interests, right?

The most glaring problem with the purported research is that the world’s most prominent billionaires who take vocal positions on social policy issues tend to promote heavy taxation, expansive regulation and wealth distribution (ironically). Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Tom Steyer are just a few of the billionaires known to be “center leftists” in their political advocacy.

But the Guardian article reassures us that there are billionaires who secretly promote deregulation and pro-liberty positions. Such billionaires do so from the shadows, according to the “study.” Only the Koch Brothers are mentioned in the article as being such pro-liberty advocates.

An analysis of how most billionaires acquired their riches found that most are in highly regulated industries. Thus, it would seem to be in their self interest to promote MORE, not less regulation.

Oct 19

Richest 1,409 taxpayers pay more tax than bottom 70 MILLION

A dominant narrative among socialists, progressives and sociology departments everywhere is that capitalists and the rich are controlling American ‘policy.’

Yet tax receipts tell the opposite story. The poorest 50 percent of Americans barely pay any income tax, while the richest few are forced to pay a majority of all federal income taxes.

See here.

Oct 18

Poverty in the U.S. Was Plummeting—Until Lyndon Johnson Declared War On It

From FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) (quoting the Wall Street Journal):

During the 20 years before the War on Poverty was funded, the portion of the nation living in poverty had dropped to 14.7% from 32.1%. Since 1966, the first year with a significant increase in antipoverty spending, the poverty rate reported by the Census Bureau has been virtually unchanged…Transfers targeted to low-income families increased in real dollars from an average of $3,070 per person in 1965 to $34,093 in 2016…Transfers now constitute 84.2% of the disposable income of the poorest quintile of American households and 57.8% of the disposable income of lower-middle-income households. These payments also make up 27.5% of America’s total disposable income.

The government’s programs have made matters worse for the poor, relative to others:

By 1975 the lowest-earning fifth of families had 24.8% more families with a prime-work age head and no one working than did their middle-income peers. By 2015 this differential had risen to 37.1%…The War on Poverty has increased dependency and failed in its primary effort to bring poor people into the mainstream of America’s economy and communal life.

Oct 13

Government programs will push millions into poverty in old age

A new study predicts that 40 percent of “middle class” Americans will likely live in poverty in their later years.

Social Security and Medicare both incentivize Americans to save less, work less, and invest less. Harvard studies (which are likely quite conservative) suggest that Social Security alone caused the U.S. to be at least 3 percent poorer by 1980. This gap between what is and what might have been has almost certainly grown in the 38 years that followed.

And because Medicare, Medicaid and obamacare increase demand for health care without increasing supply, they have all caused prices to rise significantly.

The study by the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School concluded that many pension accounts are substantially underfunded. Some 74 percent of senior citizens must continue to work in retirement.

Oct 13

Government “snow and ice data center” AGAIN caught faking its “multi-year ice extinction” charts

Agency deletes and publishes ‘correction forthcoming’ statement after being caught (yet again) by data analyst Tony Heller.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) is a massively funded government institution in Boulder, Colorado. It receives funding from the University of Colorado, NOAA and NASA.

For years the “data center” has put out a series of official charts and stories indicating that “multi-year ice” in the Arctic is melting away due to manmade global warming. (A few years ago, the “data center” even suggested that multi-year ice (meaning ice at least 5 years old) was “effectively gone.”)

Data analyst Tony Heller, a scientist and computer programmer who publishes the blog “,” has repeatedly caught the government agency changing its charts as “4-year-old” ice approaches its “5th birthday.” See here. Heller happens to live in Boulder, Colorado himself.

This year–once again–the NSIDC was caught failing to show that its “4-year-old” ice depicted on its online charts became “5-year-old” ice. The agency’s failure to acknowledge that “multi-year ice” is growing in the Arctic helps promote the international, cross-governmental thesis that catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 is occurring and only worldwide socialism and taxation can save the earth.

After Heller and others alerted the public that the “data center” was again fudging its numbers, the agency quickly deleted the relevant web pages and posted a “correction forthcoming” statement. See here.


Oct 10

U.S. Postal Service again seeks a massive increase in postage rates

The U.S. Postal Service is an unconstitutional monopoly which charges more than twice what a private firm would charge, yet which loses billions of dollars annually.

The government postal “service” has every possible market advantage, yet can’t seem to operate profitably. The U.S.P.S. pays no corporate, income, or property taxes and owns some of the world’s most prestigious real estate.

Now the “Service” is seeking to increase its stamp prices for letters from 50 cents to 55 cents–a ten percent increase. See here.

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