May 07

Shock poll: new “Brexit Party” is most popular in European Union

The European Union (EU) was built by a small minority of elites, deep-state billionaires, Bilderbergers and fanatical government trusters. Nowhere did any European voters vote to place themselves under the control of a pan-European government.

Elites and government trusters demean anyone who supports leaving the EU as an uninformed bigot.

Two years ago when Brits voted to leave the EU, their movement was viciously defamed as a movement of old, white, ignorant racists.

Now the brand-new “Brexit Party” founded by Nigel Farage (the Brit who launched the Brexit movement in Britain years ago), is THE TOP-POLLING PARTY IN THE EUROPEAN UNION!

May 07

Almost a thousand California prisoners overdosed on drugs in 2018

Many people and politicians seem to crave a prisonization of daily life. As western history develops, government authority has grown almost constantly.

Now people in most western countries need government permission to perform most well-paying jobs, to travel in any direction or way that matters, or to otherwise progress through their lives.

But a new report shows that almost a thousand California prison inmates overdosed on drugs last year alone.
Government control of medical care, health and drugs doesn’t seem to produce more actual safety.

May 07

Government drinking water poisons millions across all 50 states

“While a harsh national spotlight focuses on the drinking water crisis in Flint, Mich., a USA TODAY NETWORK investigation has identified almost 2,000 additional water systems spanning all 50 states where testing has shown excessive levels of lead contamination over the past four years.” See here.

Most Americans say they want less government and more freedom, but stop short of calling for an end to government-provided drinking water.

Such government water is extremely expensive, costing local taxpayers many billions of dollars annually.

Yet government-provided drinking water is often toxic. The recent USA Today story indicates that many municipal governments provide WORSE drinking water than the government drinking water in Flint, Michigan which attracted news headlines worldwide recently.

May 02

More efforts to blacklist news sources which question government as “unreliable”

Recent scholarship has found that the most prominent ‘fact-checking’ and ‘news-checking’ organizations tend to label news sources which are skeptical of governments as ‘fake news’ or ‘unreliable.’

Now the ‘journalism institute’ Poynter has blacklisted more than 29 popular Conservative Outlets as ‘UnNews’

Poynter, which has started the “International Fact-Checking Network,” shared the new report and dataset called “UnNews,” declaring at least 29 right-leaning news outlets and organizations to be “unreliable news websites.” Major online content providers (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube) appear to rely on Poynter’s designations.

Examples of ‘unreliable’ news sources, according to Poynter, include Breitbart,, Daily Signal, Daily Wire, Drudge Report, Free Beacon, Judicial Watch, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, LifeZette, LiveAction News, the Media Research Center, PJ Media, Project Veritas, Red State, The Blaze, Twitchy, and the Washington Examiner.

See here.

May 01

Faith in Democracy and Government Crumbles Worldwide

Recent global events have shaken faith in governments–and political engagement itself. More than two years after the people of Britain bravely voted to leave the European Union–against the wishes of the entire world political class–British elites continue to stall the move toward Brexit. The Brexit vote was the biggest vote in British history, with thousands of Britons coming forward to vote who had never voted before or who had long given up on voting.

In the United States, voters have sent wave after wave of politicians into offices after those politicians promised to limit government. Yet almost nowhere, at any level, has any winning politician actually followed through and done anything to cut government power.

The Pew Research Center has recently surveyed people in 27 countries. Just 63% of the people polled said their country protects the rights of people to express their views. “Those views are strongest in Indonesia, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Philippines and Canada. In contrast, fewer than half of respondents in Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Spain and Hungary said free speech was protected in their country.”

Fifty-four percent of global respondents said that politicians are corrupt, including 89% in Greece, 82% in Russia, 75% in South Korea, 72% in both Nigeria and South Africa and 69% in the United States.

A median of 53% disagreed with the statement that their country’s court system treats everyone fairly. That disagreement was strongest in South Korea, Argentina, Spain, Greece and Italy.

Apr 27

Officials at Guantanamo Prepare to Detain Prisoners For Life Without Due Process


Just 20 years ago no one imagined that the U.S. government would begin incarcerating prisoners without charge, trial or due process for years at a time.

But now the U.S. government is drafting formal plans to house prisoners for life without indictment, charge, or trial.

“[After years of impassioned debates over the rights of the detainees and whether the prison could close, the Pentagon is now planning for terrorism suspects still held in the facility to grow old and die at Guantánamo Bay.”

Although socialists and government trusters generally depict life under total government as a utopia, many of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay show signs of physical deterioration.

“[T]he Palestinian known as Abu Zubaydah, who was confined to a box the size of a coffin while held at a secret C.I.A. site and waterboarded 83 times to break him . . . [is] already living with what [his] lawyers say are the physical and psychological aftereffects of torture, making [his] health especially precarious. . . .”

“Unless America’s policy changes, at some point we’ll be doing some sort of end of life care here,” the commander of the detention center, Rear Adm. John C. Ring, said during a discussion with reporters that highlighted the kinds of questions the prison is asking Pentagon policymakers to decide.

Many of the prisoners at the top secret prison are reportedly prediabetic. Others “now suffer typical middle-age conditions: high blood pressure and cholesterol, joint pain, diabetes and, lately, sleep apnea.”

But the military is grappling with an array of questions about how much medical care the prisoners should receive, how it should be delivered and how much Congress will provide to pay for it.

“We are starting to see the use of canes and walkers and braces and so forth.”

One prisoner is due for a knee replacement, reportedly because of his first year of C.I.A. captivity, when he was always shackled at the ankles. Another inmate reportedly suffers from chronic rectal pain from being sodomized in the C.I.A. prisons.

Nine (9) inmates have died in the facility since 2006. There are now forty (40) left.

Apr 26

Saudi government executes teenager for social media posts about government

A 16-year-old Saudi boy posted several comments about anti-government protests on WhatsApp.

The boy was severely tortured, shocked with electricity, threatened with the murder of his family, and made to sign a confession without an attorney. This week the boy was convicted of “terrorism” on the basis of his tortured confession, and beheaded before a cheering crowd of government loyalists.

According to The Sun, the boy was targeted along with dozens of others for “terrorism” involving nothing more than posting reports about protests.

“The 37 citizens killed during beheading bloodbath had all been convicted of terrorism offences in the hardline kingdom. It emerged one man had even been crucified.
Saudi lawmakers insist the men were charged with “adopting terrorist extremist ideology, forming terrorist cells” and harming the “peace and security of society”.”

Statistically the average person in the world is more than 4 times more likely to be killed by his own government than by any foreign government or any criminal.

Apr 25

Tens of thousands flee socialist New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Almost half of one percent of New York’s most productive people–about 40,000 individuals–fled the Empire State last year due to the State’s heavy taxes and regulations. High-tax neighbors Connecticut and New Jersey have also seen their residents flee.

Many move to lower-tax states such as Florida, Texas and Nevada. Many are also climate refugees seeking warmer weather.

“[T]hose with incomes between $50,000 . . . and $150,000 or more, made up the highest proportion of move-outs.”

See here.

Apr 18

22,000 fled socialist Chicago last year

AMERICA’S MAJOR SOCIALIST CITIES (Chicago, LA and New York City) continue to lose thousands of people annually.

The socialist government of Chicago continues to enact further rules, regulations and taxes upon the City’s long-suffering people.

The city’s dwindling class of older, wealthier taxpayers is declining rapidly. See here.

Apr 16

Australian science professor fired for skepticism wins back his job

Dr. Peter Ridd, one of the world’s foremost authorities on climate and its effects on coral reefs, did what scientists are supposed to do. He questioned scientific claims and studied them.

Ridd found that the Great Barrier Reef was thriving and was not endangered by catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2.

Unfortunately, skepticism and adherence to the scientific method is frowned upon in modern universities–especially in the area of climate research. Ridd was subjected to a series of disciplinary charges–and finally fired–by his employer James Cook University. He was accused of bringing scientific institutions into disrepute. He was ordered to keep his mouth shut. He was ordered that he could not even use satire to jest about the accusations against him.

Yesterday an Australian court ruled in Ridd’s favor on all 17 counts of his lawsuit against the University. See here.

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