Jan 23

U.S. government secretly poisoned hundreds of pregnant women with radiation

Many Americans are familiar with the Tuskegee experiments in which the U.S. government secretly injected hundreds of African Americans with diseases and then let them die without treatment.

It was all done under the auspices of government health care.

It is less well known that other similar experiments were conducted by the U.S. government elsewhere.

Federal officials knowingly spread poisoned gas in subways, poisoned alcohol, and conducted other experiments which left thousands dead.

Here is a story about federal experiments conducted at Vanderbilt University during the 1940s, in which hundreds of women who went to government-subsidized health clinics for treatment were unknowingly injected with radioactive poison.

Jan 23

Another bookseller snatched by Chinese authorities

Chinese writer and bookseller Gui Minhai, whose books often criticize the Chinese government and provide details of the lives of government officials, was snatched from a public train last week. See here.
Witnesses reported seeing a dozen plainclothesed men approach him and whisk him away.

Chinese dissidents and government critics are often ‘disappeared’ without further explanation.

Jan 20

California municipalities sue oil companies claiming they face certain infrastructure destruction . . . but tell their banks and bond insurers that their infrastructures are rock solid!

More climate-change lies.

A group of California cities and municipalities including Oakland and San Mateo recently filed suit against Exxon and other fossil fuel companies alleging the companies are causing certain damage to the cities’ infrastructure due to catastrophic global warming.

But at the same time the same cities tell their bankers and bonding agencies that the cities rest on rock solid ground and that their infrastructures are in great shape for the future. See here.

Jan 19

The rich prepare to flee socialist California

California is a beautiful piece of earth made miserable through human central planning.

For years, California legislators and governors have hiked taxes, increased licensing requirements and imposed increasing wealth-redistribution programs on Californians.

Now the California government relies so heavily on the income taxes it collects from high earners that the state’s wealthiest 1 percent pay 48 percent of state income taxes.

Many in high tax brackets are government employees or stuck in their communities due to business locations.

Nonetheless, many are now considering fleeing to states such as no-income-tax Nevada or Texas. See here.

California, with one of the most expansive and intrusive governments in the world, now leads the nation in poverty and pollution.

Jan 17

Heller: Manmade Global Warming is the Biggest Scam in Science History

The brilliant data analyst Tony Heller has been catching government agencies lying about climate change for years.

Now he has produced a video laying out the evidence of the government’s fraud. See here.

Heller shows that the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) knowingly displays a deceptive graph at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

The graph indicates that temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide are correllated.

But the graph does not show the relality that increased CO2 is CAUSED BY higher temperatures (because the oceans release more CO2 when they become warmer).

Global warming alarmists such as Laurie David (who produced Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’) knowingly alter graphs to make it appear that CO2 CAUSES temperature changes.

Jan 16

Socialist California Leads Nation in Poverty

Years of high taxes, overregulation, and cops everywhere have taken their toll on California.

The state now leads the U.S. in rates and numbers of people living in poverty. See here. (This is true even though the State has the most social workers, biggest welfare programs and biggest wealth-redistribution operations.)

The State also has the largest homeless population despite spending the most on low-income housing programs, and the worst pollution despite spending more on environmental programs than any other State.

Jan 13

Another U.S. Postal Worker Caught Burning Mail

Every inspection of every U.S. Post Office facility has always found duly-stamped mail in trash bins.

Postal workers have been caught throughout the U.S. burning, burying, hiding, and disposing of stamped mail rather than delivering it.

Here is yet another story of a U.S. Postman who was caught burning entire tubs of mail.

The U.S. Post Office has an unconstitutional monopoly on the delivery of 1st-class mail. The agency has EVERY POSSIBLE advantage in the marketplace: it pays no corporate, income or property taxes, it owns some of the most strategic and prestigious real estate in the country, it enjoys the power of eminent domain, etc.

Yet the Post Office cannot turn a profit and loses $5 billion annually.

Jan 12

Facebook and Twitter–which led the fight for government takeover of internet claiming corporations might censor online content–are now exposed as censoring online content

The push for a government takeover of the internet, sometimes called “net neutrality,” has been led by socialist government trusters and monster corporations such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

These corporations all claimed that unless the government took over the internet and required all internet providers to obtain licenses, such internet providers might impose slower speeds or less access to disfavored groups, or censor political perspectives, or charge the poor more than the rich. Or something.

But it has recently surfaced that “liberal” (often code for pro-government) content is favored on Facebook, Google and Twitter and that “conservative” (often code for anti-government) content is actively and constantly suppressed, slowed, and censored.

Project Veritas recently went undercover and captured video of software engineers at the firms who candidly admitted that such corporations impede access for “conservative” or anti-socialist content. One engineer even admitted that the U.S. government pressured them to do so (regarding Wikileaks content).

Now it has been revealed that Facebook took the money from publishers to promote the book “The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama,” but then blocked the book from being discussed.

(Facebook executives met secretly with Obama in the White House on numerous occasions. It has been revealed that Facebook and Microsoft have received millions of dollars from government agencies–often secretly.

Jan 06

The Rich Flee Connecticut

Connecticut politicians have been raising taxes and increasing regulations for a generation.

Now people with high incomes are fleeing the State. They have taken some $6 billion with them. See here.

Many Connecticut expatriots are fleeing to nearby New York or to Florida. But those who left for state-income-tax-free Florida had an average annual income of $253,187.

The exodus of Connecticut’s rich population has left the high-taxing State with LOWER tax revenues than a year ago.

Jan 04

More death threats against FEC Chairman Pai

The heroic Ajit Pai, appointed by Trump as Chairman of the FEC, has been the target of dozens of violent threats. His family has also been threatened.

Pai recently led an effort in the FCC to overturn the government’s takeover of the internet which government-trusters called “net neutrality.”

At the very meeting of the FCC in which Pai and the other two Republican FCC commissioners outvoted the 2 Democratic FCC commissioners to overturn the “neutrality” rule, death threats and bomb threats briefly stopped the vote.

Now Chairman Pai has cancelled next week’s speech before the international CES electronics-industry conference in Las Vegas. There are reports that death threats by fanatical government trusters are behind the decision.

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